Survivor Season 40

Last One Standing - Survivor
"War Is Not Pretty"

On Survivor Season 40 Episode 9, a kind gesture paints a target on someone's back, and one person will be the last one standing in a taxing immunity challenge.

"This is Where the Battle Begins"

On Survivor Season 40 Episode 8, the time has come for the castaways in all tribes to drop their buffs and merge together into one tribe and battle one another.

"We're in the Majors"

On Survivor Season 40 Episode 7, the challenges get heavier and it's more difficult for teams to remain in control as the castaways continue to compete.

"Quick on the Draw"

On Survivor Season 40 Episode 6, the immunity challenge weighs heavily on certain castaways when the two tribes end up being sent to tribal council.

"The Buddy System on Steroids"

On Survivor Season 40 Episode 5, tribes drop their buffs and switch things up while tensions on one tribe open up an opportunity for new alliances.

"I Live Revenge"

On Survivor: Winners at War Season 40 Episode 4, castaways are on the edge of breaking down when faced with a grueling opportunity at the Edge of Extinction.

"Out For Blood"

On Survivor Season 40 Episode 3, new-school players attempt to take control against the old-school players in an effort to change up the game.

"It's Like a Survivor Economy"

On Survivor Season 40 Episode 2, one lets information slip while another is out for blood after realizing their closest ally was sent to the Edge of Extinction.

"Greatest of the Greats"

On Survivor: Greatest of the Greats Season 40 Episode 1, twenty previous winners begin to battle for $2 million, the largest cash prize in reality show history.

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