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SWAT is hosing a swanky Christmas party. Wealthy people from all over L.A. are in attendance. They are accepting donations for the local children's hospital.

Across town there is a shadier party happening with lots of booze and drugs. A couple of guys steal some bags from the back, inciting a shootout.

Hondo and Jess flirt at the party. Hicks flaunts Hondo in front of guests.

Hondo goes out with Mumford's team to take care of the shooting situation. They take down the suspects and find blocks of gold in the bags that they stole.

Hondo explains to Hicks and the Police Commissioner that gold was probably stolen from a local cartel. Hicks wants Hondo to call in his team -- pisses Mumford off.

Deacon leaves tree decorating with his wife and kids to go into SWAT. Luca is upset about working on their time off.

The team gets excited about SWAT tag -- the prize is a trip to NYC to provide security at the Grammys.

Chris checks in with a local "street doctor" she knows, looking for Raya was injured in the shootout. No dice.

Jessica asks Commissioner Plank about the policing proposals she asked Hicks to give to him. Hicks never delivered. Seems interested in her plans.

Chris, Street, and Hondo talk music. They find Raya with another street doc.

Deacon is searching for a Christmas present for his kid. Chris steals the SWAT tag.

Deacon plays good cop with Raya, connecting with her and getting her to give up the thief, Diego Pascal.

The team breaches Diego's house -- he dies in a shootout. Deacon takes two bullets to the vest. Luca retrieves the gold.

Luca and Street talk Beyonce. Tan steals the tag from Chris. Deacon seems stressed about being away from him, failing to find his kid's toy, calls Annie for reassurance. Hondo checks in.

Mumford brings in Enrique Flores -- security for the gang on the night the gold was taken. Cartel has Raya's friend hostage, wants their gold back.

Mumford, Deacon, Hondo, and Hicks give Jess an update. Hicks wants to send Raya in undercover. Deacon and Mumford have doubts. Jess gives the okay.

Deacon connects with Raya and talks her into helping.

Michael talks to Jess and explains that much of her proposals are too expensive and unrealistic, but he has a good feeling about the anti-biased training.

The team plans their sting against the cartel. Chris steals the tag back from Tan.

Deacon helps Raya prepare for the undercover op. They pray together.

Raya is able to pull of the sting and swap the gold. The cartel try to shoot the women, but Hondo and Deacon take them out. The cartel leader was missing.

Hondo and Mumford tag team the leader during his escape. Jess congratulates the team on their win. Raya thanks Deacon.

Chris and Luca won the golden tickets to NYC. Hondo left everyone gifts on their locker -- he got Deacon the toy for his son.


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S.W.A.T. Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Street: Well, there goes my plans for tonight.
Chris: PG or R rated plans?
Street: I was hoping for NC-17.

Mumford: What the hell did these clowns decide to die for?
Hondo: What were the three gifts the Wise Men brought to Bethlehem?
Plank: Frankiense.
Mumford: Myrrh.
Hondo: And gold.

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