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Bryan is at the airport to meet Leah Wicker, an Israeli spy under ODNI protection. Three team members approach a suspicious car, while Leah jumps out the back seat while everyone is distracted. She is jumped by a man who tries to drown her, but she kills him with a piece of wood she finds on the river bottom. Leah claims she needs Christina's help to move an Iranian asset and his wife. Bryan finds Leah's glasses in the freezer. Leah is exhibiting erratic behavior. The team goes to find an Iranian operative, Reza Saadon, at a nearby college. Bryan locates him and they slowly take out his team. Leah interrogates Saadon, who says he is her asset and she has blown his cover. She admits to Christina that she has early-onset Alzheimer's, and her own agency may be trying to kill her. Christina admits to Leah, with Bryan present, that she has a lump in her brain, which she hasn't gotten checked out. Saadon tells Leah about a plan to kill the Israeli prime minister. The team takes down the cell planning that plot. The Iranians swear the man who tried to kill Leah was Mossad. Leah confronts the local Mossad chief and figures out that he gave the order to have her killed. They escape the embassy but stop to get Leah's go bag. Bryan and Christina run interference, then Leah's car blows up. The Mossad cheif offers Christina a box of chocolates afterward, but she refuses it. Christina goes to visit Harry to tell him about her loss, and they end up kissing. Bryan finds Leah's sunglasses in his locker and returns them to her on a beach. 

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Taken Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

You remember Beirut, when I was your asset in uncertain times. You owe me.

Leah [to Christina]

I don't know. Half the world wants me dead.

Leah [to John]