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Bryan has been captured and is being tortured. Earlier, Bryan is going to meet Asha's parents. Christina has Riley all in Bryan. Tomas Vitek, who supplies weapons to the Mejia cartel, has been spotted in Montreal. Bryan goes face to face with Carlos Mejia to get more information about Vitek without killing him. The team tracks Vitek and his men to a cafe. Mobster Jimmy Dunne picks up Vitek. Bryan slaps a tracker on Dunne's vehicle. They decide to pick up Vitek in hopes that he will roll on Dunne. The Montreal police are watching Vitek as well as the team captures Vitek. Then the police move in and it's a standoff. The team throws Vitek in the van, with Bryan driving, and they're soon being chased by the police. Next two motorcycles and an SUV are after them. Bryan brakes, crumpling the bikes and stopping the SUV. The rest of the team and Vitek take off in a station wagon, but Bryan takes off in the van, to buy the others time. He gets captured by some thugs and hung up. Bryan draws on his ODNI training to survive. The team tries to get Vitek to tell them where Bryan has been taken. Dunne's men shoot Vitek's men and take over Bryan. They take him down and he grabs a pendant from one of the dead thugs. Bryan tells his new interrogator that Vitek sold Mejia the weapons that killed his sister. Bryan upends the table and takes the interrogator hostage. The team arrives in time to take down the rest of Dunne's men. The team intercepts the weapons, and has the driver call Dunne to tell him he's been robbed. The team captures Dunne, and turns everyone over to the FBI. 

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Taken Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

There's not there's a Tibetan monastery in my future or anything like that.

Bryan [to Mejia]

Asha: Do you really care if [Asha's parents] like you? That's so sweet.
Bryan: Now you're making fun of me.