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Video communication is established between Earth and the Ark. Jaha and Kane provide information about a supply bunker from before the war, which may have supplies the 100 can use to get through the winter. Bellamy and Clarke go in search of them.

In camp, the 100 eat hallucinogenic nuts which makes some of them happy, while brings the fears of others to the forefront. Octavia the nuts to distract the Grounder's guard. She helps Lincoln escape, but not before he kisses her. Finn sees Lincoln escaping and gives him a nod to go.

Bellamy and Clarke find rifles in the bunker. They practice using them, but not all the bullets work. They end up hallucinating from the nuts too. Clarke sees her father and works through her anger towards her mother. Bellamy plans on leaving the group. He hallucinates Jaha and the 320 people he killed.

Bellamy survives an assassination attempt and agrees to go back to came with Clarke. They convince Jaha to pardon him in exchange for the name of the man who wanted Jaha dead. Shumway is arrested on the Ark, but then killed by Diana.

The 100
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The 100 Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

My brother's been keeping me away. He's a total dick which you probably figured out.


Bellamy: Why are you asking me?
Clarke: Well, because right now I don't feel like being around anyone I actually like.