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Emori and Murphy take some of the tech apart from Becca's lab. They're going to be living in the shelter that Jaha found. Raven has a hallucination of the rocket working and Becca inside of it. Hallucination Becca asks Raven why she'd live in a hole in the ground when she has a perfectly good rocket. Raven has a seizure.

Ilian and Octavia till the soil on Ilian's farm. A woman from his clan approaches and tries to recruit him to fight with Trikru against Azgeda, attempting to push Ice Nation out of Polis. Ilian refuses. The woman shames him but as Ilian explains to Octavia, there's no reason to fight at the end of the world.

Jaha announces to Skaikru that he found an underground ark that can house them, instructing everyone to pack what they can carry so they can leave to go there. Riley wonders why they're all eager to go into yet another ark so they can listen to what Jaha is telling them. Jasper jokes that there's no way they're listening to Jaha.

Abby breaks the news to Clarke privately that Trikru was there when the ark was discovered and that the deal was for them to share the space with Trikru. Clarke is horrified that this means they need to betray Roan, though Abby explains they can make room for one more (Roan). 

Clarke tries to warn Roan when they arrive in Polis, but it's too late. Trikru surrounds him, but before they can take him, Echo arrives with Ice Nation to rescue Roan. They take Skaikru prisoner.

Back at the palace, Echo explains that the temple houses an ark, which she realized after Trikru took it over. Roan sends for Clarke, believing that she didn't know and tried to warn him. Clarke convinces Roan to resist going to war and to negotiate with Indra to share the space with everyone instead. Roan agrees.

Back at Ilian's farm, Ilian and Octavia have sex. Octavia is disappointed that she's not fighting and won't die a warrior's death. 

Monty finds Harper not having packed to leave. Instead, she's crying on her bed. She tells Monty that she's remaining behind because she's tired of fighting and doesn't want to go to the bunker. Monty is hurt and calls her a coward, but she's steadfast that she won't change her mind.

Harper joins Riley, Jasper, and the other Skaikru people drinking. Jaha comes by and reminds them that participation isn't optional. Once Jaha leaves, Jasper reiterates that choosing to stay behind means death. They all plan to resist being coerced into going into the bunker.

The hallucination of Becca tells Raven that she's running out of time with her brain and that she knows she doesn't want to live the rest of her life in a bunker. She tells Raven that she can help her get into space with the rocket, so that she can go out on her own terms, with a view.

Meanwhile, Emori watches from above with Murphy as Raven talks to herself. She tells Murphy that there's no way the rest of the group is coming back for them. He suggests they go ride out the storm in the lighthouse bunker, but Emori points out that they'll starve there.

Clarke and Roan are taken to the temple to go see the bunker and to meet with Indra. The talk doesn't go well, and despite the fact that Clarke points out the bunker can hold 1200 (enough room for all 12 clans to survive), it devolves into war initiating. As they prepare to fight, Clarke finds Gaia and demands that she turn Clarke into the Commander so that she (as the Commander) can put a stop to the war.

Back at Arkadia, Jaha prepares to have his guards blow the door open where Jasper, Harper, and the other holdouts are holed up. Bellamy convinces him to allow them to make their own choice, so Jaha calls off the guards. Monty is distraught at the idea that they can't force Harper and Jasper to come with them.

At Ilian's farm, Octavia is approached by several other members of Ilian's clan who recognize her as Skairippa and attack her. She tries to convince them to leave her alone, but they won't stop coming for her, so she snaps into Skairippa mode and slaughters them all. Ilian arrives back and is horrified at the sight, so she leaves him behind, telling him that this is who she is.

As Roan and Echo are plotting their attack, they see that the ascension flame has been lit, signifying that a new commander has been chosen. All of the clan leaders arrive in the tower for the ascension. Indra is concerned because there was no conclave to choose the commander and wonders what clan the commander is from. Clarke arrives and everyone is surprised. 

Before Gaia can put the flame into Clarke's neck, Roan interrupts, bringing in Abby to tell everyone how Clarke became a nightblood. When they learn it was through science, they resolve that they can no longer determine commanders based on who is a nightblood. Instead, they decide to hold one final conclave, with one representative from each of the clans fighting to determine who will have control of the bunker.

Back at Arkadia, Bellamy bids an emotional farewell to Jasper and Harper. Monty decides to remain behind, just in case they change their mind about going to the bunker.

Murphy and Emori prepare to bring all of their stuff to the lighthouse bunker when Jackson and Miller show up to pick them up, apologizing for their lateness and explaining that there were developments. Murphy and Emori are both shocked and pleased that they weren't abandoned. Murphy goes to get Raven, who breaks the news that she isn't coming with him because she is dying and tired of being in pain. Murphy apologizes to her for injuring her leg and they make amends, with Raven telling him it's losing her mind that she can't deal with. They hug goodbye, crying, and Murphy leaves with Emori.

In Polis, Bellamy and Clarke look out over Polis, observing that it's all set for combat and that Skaikru doesn't stand a chance since no one among them is trained in Grounder combat. Octavia arrives in the city on horseback.

The 100
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The 100 Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Harper: I'm just tired of fighting, Monty.
Monty: I know. We all are. But in that bunker, we'll be safe.
Harper: Every time we think that, something bad happens.

Besides, if anyone can convince mortal enemies to move in together, it's you.

Roan [to Clarke]