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Part One: Helen

Helen found Noah standing in the lake like a zombie and brings him back to the house. Vic thinks it's a horrible idea for various reasons, but Helen, of course, can't see the logic in that.

To add insult to injury, she asks him to take a look at Noah before he goes to work. Noah calls him Dr. Oooh la la and asks him to refill his Vicodin.

Noah is taking 7.5 mgs of Vicodin six times a day. Or maybe ten. He writes a script for an antibiotic, but not the vicodin he wants. 

He knows Noah is an addict, and suggests he be checked into rehab. 

Vic says if anyone has an obligation to Noah, it's Nina. She's his sister. If only he knew.

Officer Santos calls Noah while Helen is feeding him drugs that are not prescribed to him. Helen wants him to call her, but he doesn't want to. Not now.

Noah starts talking about hearing the kids and it's the first Helen realizes that maybe there's something more to his condition.

When Noah falls asleep, Helen takes his phone and calls Officer Santos. 

Whitney comes to the house looking for dad's tent and fartcup is outside waiting. Somehow Noah wakes up, wanders outside and is being beat to shit by fartcup. He remembers nothing. 

Whitney won't stay in the house when Noah is there. 

Something tells me we're going to find out about the hot tub.

At dinner, Helen lies to both Vic and the kids about Noah. When Vic hears Noah bumping around downstairs, he execuses himself from the table with, "I think I'm finished." 

And he is. While he's packing, he knocks over the cactus. It's already dead. He asks Helen as he's leaving if she loves Noah and she says no, but she can't tell him why she can't let him go.

Noah is upstairs wondering who just left. He is surprised at the name "Vic." But Helen forgives Noah, which he also finds surprising. She want to erase everything and start over.

They have sex.

Part Two: Noah

Helen is driving a blanked wrapped Noah through town and he wants to go to the hunting and fishing shop with a neon gun shop sign in the window.

Manning the register is Sookie's grandmother. From True Blood. Or Jo's aunt from Twister.

It's John's mother. As in John the prison guard. She says he never gets down this way. She enjoys the conversation so much she gives Noah some homemade beef jerky on the house.

Helen is hardly kind and compassionate in Noah's viewpoint. But he does still have only one vicodin. 

Noah wakes up to voices of the kids. Helen wonders at his speaking about the kids. Noah tells Vic he's taking 10 vicodin a day to deal with the pain from his shaddered shoulder. He also asks Vic if a bad infection can cause hallucinations.

Vic tells Noah he's not worried about him at all. He's addicted to opiods and has an infected wound. He says he'll write the script, but to get out.

Helen walks back with the codeine and ambien. She makes him lay down first. But Noah has already seen shadows outside and is worried.

He gets a call from his parole officer, and angrily conveys he's on his own. No one cares about what happened with his case.

After Noah falls asleep, Gunther is in his door eating a burger and taunting him. Apparently Noah has no water in his cell, and Gunther isn't looking into it.

Noah is already in the brig, but gets another 90 days for assault when he stands up to the jackwagon. He cries.

When he wakes up, he meets furcup who brings up the hot tub and then punches Noah in the face.

When Noah wakes up AGAIN he hears kids, goes to the bathroom and notices his gun (or beef jerky?) gone. Gunther is in the room playing with a lighter.

It's not a gun. It's a knife. Noah bought a knife at Gunther's. Gunther approaches Noah talking about his mother and the two fight. Gunther leaves and that's when Noah wonders if Gunther just left through the front door.

Helen is being very coy, feeding Noah vicodin with her fingers and a drink of wine.

She says Vic isn't coming back. He left for good. Of course because of Noah. She's sexually sliding him another vicodin while saying he belongs there, and she's the only one who knows his pain, who can help him.

The sex they had was ugly, and really, exactly what she deserved.

The Affair
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The Affair Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Whitney: Why do you hate yourself so much?
Helen: I don't.
Whitney: You know, I used to think dad was the crazy one. Now I know it's you.

Helen: Vic thinks that you are taking too much medicine.
Noah: Well Vic has a stick up his ass. And he also hates me.