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Part One: Helen

Helen tries to get answers from Whitney about what really happened at the party. Whitney says that Helen is awful for always taking her father back. 

Helen then realizes Noah has left and goes to get him. He's at his home. She sleeps. They wake up and start looking for Whitney's birth certificate.

Helen finds the letter Noah wrote her the night before their wedding. She tears up, they argue. Helen leaves again in Sasha's car. 

Part Two: Helen

Helen picks up a pregnant husband and wife along the way down the canyon, but she realizes traffic is backed up and that there is nowhere to go. 

Noah arrives and tells her they need to go off on foot or there's a good chance they'll die. She leaves the married couple intthe car and they make a beeline for the woods. 

Part Three: Helen and Noah

They come across a cliff and Noah says that movement is life and that they need to keep moving if they want to survive. 

Helen struggles but with Noah's pushing, she makes it. They escape the wildfires, but Helen gets bitten by a rattlesnake. 

When she wakes up at the hospital, they refer to each other as "friend."

The Affair
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The Affair Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Helen: We're the only family you have, Whitney.
Whitney: We are not a fucking family, and I'm tired of pretending like we are. You are holding on to a myth.
Helen: Okay, I know. You're upset.
Whitney: Yes. I'm upset. I'm very upset. But I'm not crazy. It's obviously more important to you to hold on to a fantasy of being a perfect mom of being the one who held us all together than it is for you to admit that this whole thing is a fucking charade. Dad only cares about himself, and you only care about Dad.
Helen: That is not true.
Whitney: Yes, it is.

Helen: Will you please come back outside and just talk to us. I mean you're getting married in 3 weeks. How are we gonna do that if you're not even talking to us? How is he going to walk you down the aisle?
Whitney: He's not.
Helen: What?
Whitney: He's not going to walk me down the aisle because he's not coming to my wedding.
Helen: Of course he's invited to your wedding. He's your father. You know, he made you. He and I, we made you. You wouldn't be here without us.
Whitney: You don't get it.
Helen: I do get it. I just think you're being kind of short-sighted right now and actually pretty fucking cruel.
Whitney: You know, all I want for myself is not to end up like you.