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The seven teams remaining on The Amazing Race departed Narvik, Norway for St. Petersburg, Russia, the “Venice of the north” as Thomas referred to the Russian city.  However, before any fireworks could start in Russia, the teams had to take a train to Stockholm, then grab a taxi to the airport and finally rush to get on a good flight.  All of the scurrying was unnecessary, however, as every team made it on the same flight to St. Petersburg.

Upon arriving in Russia, the teams scrambled for taxis to make their way to the Rostral Columns on Vasilievsky Island.  Brooke and Claire arrived at the clue box first and discovered a Detour.  Their choices were Classical Music or Classical Cinema.  For Classical Music, the teams had to listen to three different piano song recordings and then identify which pianists, in a room of over twenty, were playing the three songs.  For Classical Cinema, the racers were taken to Lenfilm Studios and had to find a piece amongst hundreds of film strips that corresponded to the one playing on the screen in front of them.

Brooke and Claire, Michael and Kevin and Jill and Thomas all chose Classical Cinema and while initially stunned by their chosen task, they left the detour in second, third and first place, respectively.  The remaining four teams chose Classical Music initially, but were quickly overwhelmed by the blasting pianos.  Gary and Mallory, Nick and Vicki and Nat and Kat all switched to Classical Cinema after several unsuccessful attempts.

Despite frequent bickering and discouragement, Stephanie convinced Chad to remain at the Classical Music challenge even though the remaining competitors left and Chad wanted to follow suit.  Stephanie’s conviction paid off and the dating couple was able to finish the Detour in fifth place, ahead of two teams who switched.

Already trailing Nat and Kat, Gary and Mallory were able to find the correct film strip before Nick and Vicki and exit in sixth place.  In last place and discouraged by the Classical Cinema challenge, the Las Vegas couple switched back to Classical Music.  They used a methodical approach to complete the challenge, but slipped to last place.

After finishing the Detour, teams made their way to the neighborhood store near Alexandrovskaya where they encountered a Roadblock.  For the individual challenge, the selected team member had to dress up like a traditional female Babushka and plant fifty potatoes with cow manure.  

Brooke and Claire arrived at the Roadblock first, but Kevin was able to complete the physical, smelly challenge first.  Jill, Nat and Steph followed suit in third through fifth place.  Mallory struggled with finding various aspects of the challenge, but not long enough for Nick to catch up to her.

Although Michael and Kevin arrived at the Pit Stop, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, in first place, Kevin didn’t listen to the suggestion of his father to check the park across from the cathedral.  This allowed Jill and Thomas and Brooke and Claire to pass the father/son team for first and second place, respectively.  The remaining teams finished in the order they left the Roadblock, with Nick and Vicki coming in last.  Fortunately for the Las Vegas couple, the leg was non-elimination. 

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We're in Russia and we're rushin through traffic.


It's so late at night and it's still light out. It's amazing.