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Leonard buys a replica time machine online from the 1960 film The Time Machine and ends up splitting it with the guys.  As the boys move the giant machine into the apartment, they block the walkway and make Penny late for work.  Penny lashes out at Leonard for his stupid nerd toys.

Leonard then goes home to get rid of all his "nerdmabellia," despite the guys trying to talk him out of it (or at least buy it off him!)  Sheldon then confronts Penny about all her little kid things (Hello Kitty, Beanie Babies, etc) and she apologizes to Leonard.  However, the thing that makes Leonard truly revert back is when he meets her new boyfriend Mike.

The Big Bang Theory
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The Big Bang Theory Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Sheldon: Why'd you set it for the day before yesterday?
Leonard: Because I want to go back and keep myself from getting a time machine.
Sheldon: You can't. If you were to prevent yourself from buying it in the past, you would not have it available in the present - travel back and stop yourself from buying it, ergo you would still have it. This is a classic rookie time travel mistake.
Leonard: Can I go back and prevent you from explaining that to me?
Sheldon: Same paradox—if you were to travel back in time and, say, knock me unconscious, you would not then have the conversation that irritated you, motivating you to go back and knock me unconscious.
Leonard: What if I knocked you unconscious right now?

Raj: Too bad, I called dibs.
Wolowitz: You can't just call dibs.
Raj: I can, and I did. Look up "dibs" in Wikipedia.
Sheldon: Dibs does not apply in a bidding war