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Penny returns from a visiting family in Nebraska with a cold causing Sheldon to freak out because he's a bit of a germaphone.  Sheldon then becomes sick and when he becomes a pain the gang hides from him at a Planet of the Apes marathon, leaving Penny to take care of him.  However, when Leonard accidentally breaks his glasses and is forced to return to the apartment, Penny catches him and sticks him with Sheldon.  Sheldon then gets sick with no Penny to take care of them.

The Big Bang Theory
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The Big Bang Theory Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Sheldon: Anyway, the housekeeper in the faculty residence didn't speak any English. When I finaly managed to convince her I was sick, she said, "Möchtest du eine Darmspülung?"
Penny: What does that mean?
Sheldon: Based on what happened next, I assume it means, "Would you like an enema?"

If influenza was only contagious after symptoms appear, it would have died out thousands of years ago. Somewhere between tool using and cave painting, Homo habilis would have figured out to kill the guy with the runny nose