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Sheldon and the guys help Raj figure out how to deal with his finances now that he no longer has help from his father, but it turns out he's had a habit of some serious unnecessary spending.

Sheldon volunteers to be in control of Raj's finances, but the timing is bad because tickets to Comic Con are about to go on sale. Raj wants to go with everyone, but Sheldon says the only way he can buy a ticket is to find a way to earn extra money.

Howard also runs into trouble, because has a new baby at home. Bernadette says "maybe" to him going, and that he'll have to do everything around the house in order to convince her.

Penny is planning to go, but doesn't want to. Leonard doesn't want her to go either, but neither of them is honest. They're both just doing it to make each other happy.

Raj takes various odd jobs to try to earn money, from helping at the comic book store to doing chores for Howard and Bernadette.

Amy breaks the news to Leonard and Sheldon as they fight over who will drive, and both are relieved.

Howard and Bernadette give Raj money to buy his ticket, and they say it is back pay for all the babysitting he's done.

Raj doesn't take it, and decides to skip going this year. Leonard and Howard follow suit.

The Big Bang Theory
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The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Episode 17 Quotes

Penny: Please, I went to your boring thing last month!
Amy: My aunt's funeral?

Oh, let me guess. You guys are planning your fantasy accounting firms.