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Raj is included in People's "30 under 30 to watch" list, prompting the rest of the group to be jealous.  Wolowitz is jealous he received no mention for his help on Raj's project, Sheldon who doesn't understand why his discovery even made the list, and Leonard after Raj becomes extremely obnoxious from gloating.

The boys refuse to go to party celebrating his article and Penny agrees to go as his date.  After the party, a very drunk Raj and an angry Penny return to his apartment where he gets a web-call from his parents that are angry to see him dating a white girl, despite Penny's many claims they are not dating.  Raj then spends the rest of the night with the toilet.

The next morning, Raj goes to Penny's to apologize and she makes him speak to her for the first time sober and not by accident.  He let's out a pip-squeak of an apology and she forgives and hugs him.  Poor Leonard walks outside to see this and Raj gives him a huge grin.

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The Big Bang Theory Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Wolowitz: So you're just going to sit around here and mope while Penny is out with Dr. Apu from the Kwik-E-Mart?
Leonard: It's not a date, and that's racist.
Wolowitz: It can't be racist, he's a beloved character on The Simpsons

Leonard: If we do get a new friend, he should be a guy you can trust. You know, a guy who has your back.
Wolowitz: And he should have a lot of money and live in a cool place down by the beach where we could throw parties.
Sheldon: And he should share our love of technology.
Wolowitz: And he should know a lot of women.
Leonard: Okay, let's see: money, women, technology. Okay, we're agreed. Our new friend is going to be Iron Man