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When Sheldon wins an award and is forced to give an acceptance speech, he reveals to the gang he has stage freight.  They form as his C-Men (X-Men for Cooper, of course).  Leonard attempts to use psychology, Raj attempts to teach him meditation, Penny takes him suit shopping, and Wolowitz pretends to care.

In the end, Sheldon still gets nervous before giving his speech and Penny convinces him to drink to loosen up.  After chugging wine, he goes up and gives a speech that results in him not wearing pants and on YouTube.

The Big Bang Theory
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The Big Bang Theory Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

Sheldon: I can't give a speech.
Wolowitz: No, you're mistaken. You give speeches all the time. What you can't do is shut up.
Raj: Before the movie, you did twenty minutes on why guacamole turns brown. It turned brown while you were talking.

Raj: In Avatar, when they have sex on pandora they hook up their ponytails, so we know that their ponytails are like their junk.
Wolowitz: Yeah, so?
Raj: So when they ride horses and fly on the birds, they also use their ponytails...
Wolowitz: What's your point?
Raj: My point is if I were a horse or a bird, I'd be very nervous around James Cameron.