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The guys attempt to buy tickets to Comic-Con, but they sell out. The guys decide to scalp tickets, but Sheldon doesn't want to risk breaking the rules.

Sheldon decides to have his own comic convention instead. He contacts celebrities for panels, but doesn't get anyone. He finds out James Earl Jones is going to his favorite sushi restaurant and approaches him. Sheldon ends up eating and spending the night having adventures with James Earl Jones.

The guys decide it's too risky to buy scalped tickets and hide out in the apartment with the lights out.

The girls decide to do something adult and go to a hotel for afternoon tea. They are disappointed when it's mostly young girls there. They hang out at the bar and discuss how they don't feel like real adults.


The Big Bang Theory
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The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 14 Quotes

Raj: Anyone in?
All the Guys: No!
Sheldon: Do not stop refreshing your screens!
All the Guys: Refresh. Refresh. Refresh....
Penny: Yeah, this is not gonna be enough coffee.

Raj: Oh, I have to go to the bathroom so bad.
Sheldon: Every year! I told you, wear a diaper!
Raj: And I told you I get diaper rash!