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Sheldon can't decide whether to buy a Xbox One or a PS4. He compares and contrasts all the features during dinner with Amy, but can't make a decision. He starts to pick the Xbox One until he remembers his Zune mistake. The store closes before he makes a decision.

After Penny doesn't get a job, she's offered the role in the cheesy movie again. Should she take it or not? Wil Wheaton's advice doesn't help. She ends up taking the job and finds out Wil's the male lead.

Raj runs into Emily at the coffee shop. She agrees to go out to dinner with him. He also gets an email from Lucy. He's not comfortable dating both of them, but goes with it after his friends encourage him. He confesses to Emily and she finds him adorable.

The Big Bang Theory
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The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 19 Quotes

Penny: Next time I get pulled over for a speeding ticket, here come the waterworks.
Sheldon [running to bathroom]: Here come the waterworks!
Leonard: Aren't you gonna ask?
Penny: What is this, my first day?

Sheldon: Boy, do I have to urinate.
Leonard: If only there were a solution
to that.
Sheldon: Seriously. I feel like I've got
a fish tank in my pelvis.