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Sheldon runs into Dr. Proton at the drug store and introduces him to Amy. After the meeting, Dr. Jeffries reaches out to Leonard for help on a project he's working on. Sheldon gets upset that he wasn't asked to help. And, takes Amy's words to heart and acknowledges that he can be annoying. Instead of working on that, Sheldon gets Bill Nye to come to the University. Bill Nye leaves Sheldon at the smoothie shop and wants nothing more to do with him.

Dr. Jeffries asks Leonard why he's friends with Sheldon. And, Leonard says he knows that Sheldon's annoying at times, but he's a good and loyal friend. Dr. Jeffries shows up at the apartment and asks Sheldon for comments on his paper.

Meanwhile, the girls decide to start making jewelry with Raj's help. Howard doesn't like being excluded so he inserts himself into the jewelry making parties which upsets Raj. Howard doesn't understand why Raj cares. Raj tells his friend that he isn't made fun of when he hangs out with the girls. Howard and Raj make up.

The Big Bang Theory
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The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 7 Quotes

Sheldon: No, go ahead, say it. I know what it is. I've heard it my whole life. The word's "annoying." Go ahead, say it. Say it. Say I'm annoying.
Amy: Sheldon...
Sheldon: Oh, it won't hurt my feelings. Go ahead, Amy, say I'm annoying. I'm annoying. I'm annoying. I'm annoying.

Dr. Jeffries: Hold on. You ... you have a girlfriend?
Amy: Hey look -- we're wearing the same orthopedic shoes. I can't believe I dress like a celebrity.
Dr. Jeffries: O-Okay, I get it now.