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Penny and Leonard are heading out for the evening, but first, they help Sheldon test out his new noise cancelling headphones. Sheldon has optimized his work environment to help him focus on new research.

When Penny and Leonard return, Sheldon hasn't gotten anything done.

Sheldon is worried he made a mistake switching fields and is depressed.

He hears Penny in distress and checks on her. She is working out, and talks about how the hate of it makes her work harder.

At lunch, Howard makes fun of Raj's relationship with his cat.

Sheldon points out that Penny is trying hard to stay attractive in her relationship than Leonard is.

Sheldon tells him that he needs to create a state of productive anxiety, and asks his friends to make him miserable.

Amy runs experiments on Sheldon to try and help find his perfect anxiety level.

Howard continues to pick on the comparison of Raj's relationships with his girlfriend and his cat.

Sheldon announces that the best way for him to be irritated is for his friends to disagree with whatever he says. They do so immediately which seems to baffle him.

Then Sheldon goes to Penny's for girl talk, only to find out that the girls can talk about werewolves just as much as he can.

Unfortunately, Sheldon's experiment interferes with his relationship with Amy.

Sheldon's anxiety and lack of sleep starts getting to him, so Penny and Leonard try and get him to rest. They even sing the soft kitty song!

The Big Bang Theory
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The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Episode 13 Quotes

Sheldon: Nothing more fun than a paradigm shifting evening of science.
Penny: (to Leonard) And you thought it was soaping me up in the shower.

I love him, but if he's broken, let's not get a new one.