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The girls chat about superhero movies as the guys watch, shocked.

Sheldon comes into the room and announces that he's finally feeling better, but no one seems to want to talk to him.

It turns out that while he was sick, he managed to offend every single one of them as they tried to take care of him.

Amy helps Sheldon realize why they are upset.

Meanwhile, the rest of the guys talk about renting a party bus and going to Vegas -- without Sheldon. They think the break would be useful.

Amy teaches Sheldon about empathy when they talk again about what happened. It actually seems like Sheldon begins to understand.

Sheldon gives Leonard an apology which seems sincere, but then he doesn't understand why his apology doesn't get him an invite to Vegas.

Sheldon then goes around to the rest of his friends to apologize, but it doesn't go well for all of them.

He upsets Emily in the process, then says he's decided not to go on the trip with them after all.

Everyone gets on the party bus, but Sheldon shows up at the last minute to offer another apology to Emily. This time, she accepts.

The Big Bang Theory
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