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Sheldon and Leonard learn that another group is going to try to do their planned experiment before them. In order to get a jump on things, they need to get access to liquid helium.

They go to Kripke, but he says the department doesn't have enough.

Meanwhile, Bernadette tells Penny that Stewart just went on a date. He met the girl through a dating app, and Penny suggests they try the app for Amy.

Leonard and Sheldon meet a guy in a parking garage to get their helium, which at first seems like a dangerous situation.

Sheldon worries that the helium was obtained illegally and they'll get in trouble.

The rest of the gang looks at options on the dating app for Amy, and they make a drinking game out of it. A text message pops up on the screen that's displaying Amy's phone, and it's revealed that Amy has been dating.

Leonard and Sheldon have to pay extra to return the helium.

Everyone asks Amy about the guys she's dating, and it turns out she's gone out with a total of three guys.

Kripke changes his mind and says he'll give them what he has if they add his name to their paper. Leonard and Sheldon opt instead to pay the dealer again for the helium.




Nick and Sharna (Argentine Tango): 24

The Big Bang Theory
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The Big Bang Theory Season 9 Episode 6 Quotes

Bernadette: You know who went on a date the other night? Stewart.
Penny: Oh, good for him.
Bernadette: I thought so too.
Penny: So is she like, homeless or framing him for a crime?

Raj: Why do you need Kripke? Can't you just go to Party City for helium?
Leonard: We'd have to go to every Party City in California.
Howard: Sounds like you on Cinco de Mayo.
Raj: Hey, people were still talking about that party on Siete de Mayo.