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Bernadette has a clever way to tell Howard she's pregnant, with post-it note clues in the kitchen.

When he finally figures out the news, he's excited at first, then quickly starts stressing out about their future.

Howard tells Leonard, Sheldon, and Raj the big news,and Sheldon worries this is going to change everything.

Howard freaks out, worried about everything from passing down his nose to not having enough money.

Amy and Penny try to cheer up Bernadette, offering several suggestions of things to do, all of which Bernadette says she can no longer do because she's pregnant (drink, eat sushi, get in the hot tub).

The guys go out for a drink, and Sheldon looks like he might be drinking too much.

Bernadette tells Penny and Amy about the night she and Howard got pregnant. Turns out that it happened on Sheldon's bed.

The guys talk about ways to make money, but Sheldon is distracted because he's very, very drunk. In a sincere moment, Sheldon also tells Howard he think's he'll be a good father.

Then they convince the girls to come to the bar and join them for karaoke. Howard apologies to Bernadette for freaking out, and tells her he's excited. She says she is too.

The Big Bang Theory
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The Big Bang Theory Season 9 Episode 16 Quotes

Leonard: Why, 'oh no'?
Sheldon: Because this changes everything. What about comic book night? What about playing games together? What about our trips to Disneyland? How can we do those things with a child around?!"

We're gonna be parents! We're gonna get to board planes first! I'm finally gonna get to see what's in that family bathroom at the mall!