Sheldon freaks out when Leonard plans on having minor surgery on The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Episode 9. He's convinced his roommate is going to die and leave him alone.

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Leonard finds out he has a deviated septum and needs to have surgery. He's not concerned at all about it, but Sheldon freaks out. Sheldon is used to falling asleep to the sound of Leonard snoring and fears he won't be able to sleep after the surgery. Either Leonard's breathing troubles will be fixed or he will be dead. Either way, Sheldon's without the calming sound of Leonard's snores.

Raj has difficulty figuring out what to buy his parents for their anniversary. In the end, it doesn't matter because they split up. Raj doesn't handle the situation well, so Howard and Bernadette help distract him. Bernadette worries that her and Howard will end up in the same situation and wants to talk through any problems they have. This doesn't go over very well. They end up turning on each other.

Leonard ends up going to have surgery early when an opening becomes available to make it easier on Sheldon. The ploy doesn't work when Amy tells the truth. He goes to see Leonard, but he's already in surgery.

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Episode Details

Sheldon ends up needing sympathy when Leonard has minor surgery on his nose on The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Episode 9.

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The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Episode 9 Quotes

Sheldon: But you don't have a life-threatening condition. Why would you take the risk of surgery?
Leonard: Sheldon, it's a routine procedure.
Penny: I've heard you complain about his snoring.
Sheldon: We... Yes, for the first five or six years, but I've gotten used to it. It helps me sleep. He's like my mucus-powered white noise machine.

Amy: It's not you. Now think, there's a car named after him.
Sheldon: Of course there is. The Mini Cooper, 'cause it's me.
Amy: How about this: he's a poor man's Sheldon Cooper.
Sheldon: Oh, Tesla.