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-Cody and Kat have phone sex.

-Jane does a self-breast exam and finds a lump.

-Adena is back at Scarlet to shoot a photoshoot by each of the models’ culture.

-Sutton tells Oliver he should be part of the shoot to show off his Jamaican heritage.

-Jane’s lump was a benign cyst.

-Jane decides to play hooky with Ryan after getting the news that she is fine.

-Jacqueline’s college friend convinces her to go out with her and another one of their old friends.

-Adena is seeing someone. She invites Kat out with them and some of the girls they know from Wild Susans.

-Kat lies to Adena and says she isn’t seeing anyone.

-Sutton tries to style Alice Knight, a beauty influencer, but Oliver intervenes.

-Kat tells Adena about pegging Cody, and Adena gets upset.

-Sutton tells Alice she came up with the chain idea and convinces Alice to let her style her for an Audi photoshoot.

-Adena uninvites Kat because she is bisexual.

-Oliver encourages Kat to own her sexuality and face the lesbian community that Adena claims won’t accept her. He also offers to go with her.

-Jane has her Forbes interview, and she tells them she wants to focus on the present and what is to come next for her instead of focusing on what she has accomplished so far.

-Alice doesn’t like any of the options Sutton brings her and is upset that Sutton didn’t bring clothes from Scarlet, and even more upset when she realizes she is only an assistant and reports Sutton to Oliver.

-Jacqueline has been texting her ex and agrees to see him thanks to some liquid courage.

-Kat realizes Adena lied about the community not being accepting of her being bi.

-Jacqueline brings out old Jacqueline and breaks it down to “Push It.”

-Jane decides to get a double mastectomy, so she doesn’t need to continue living in fear.

-Jane offers Ryan out, and he doesn’t take it.

-Oliver doesn’t accept Sutton’s apology.

-Adena feels like Kat’s relationship with a man invalidates their relationship, so she ends their friendship.


The Bold Type
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The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Sutton: Great for Jane, but didn’t we stop saying diva like two years ago?
Kat: Oh, we’re back to saying it ironically.
Sutton: Our generation is exhausting.

Adena: We need to establish some rules.
Kat: Exactly. How about no mention of the past?
Adena: And no touching beyond the mutually consensual hug.
Kat: Also, neutral conversation over all.
Adena: Mhmm. I like that.