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Eleanor uses a teenage boy, Kyle, to help her and she offers to let him touch her. He gives her clothes and food, while she checks out Kyle's younger brother, Danny. When it's time for Eleanor to pay up, Kyle wants to go somewhere more private. She takes him to a storage unit and kills him.

The DEA shows up to interfere in the murder cases. The dog from the car was one of their dogs. The taxidermist had a dead body in his basement and he was an undercover DEA agent.

Sonya and Hank identify the dead man in the car as Fausto Galvan's enforcer, Garza. They track his movements and find an image of Eleanor. Despite Hank's agreement to keep the DEA informed, Sonya issues a BOLO for her.

Daniel and Adriana continue to search for her sister. They get a new lead, but not much else.

Robles assigns Marco to work with Sonya to find Garza's killer. Unbeknownst to her, Marco is working at the behest of Fausto with Robles' approval.

The Bridge
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