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A Marine, Lance Cpl. Jack Stanhope, overdoses on oxy. Rami returns. Adam is having trouble getting on his leg. He falls and gashes his arm. Abe tries to talk to Harper about breaking off her engagement. No prints were found on the bottle in Stanhope's car, so his death may have been murder. Maya supplies a suspect, Garth Bader, whose jaw Stanhope had broken. Adam's rehab will be put back by weeks, and he'll have to check back in the hospital. Bader said he's in anger management, and he was at a meeting when Stanhope was killed. Stanhope had been sleeping around on his wife Nina, who is now a suspect. Gen. Winston Geiger warns Abe against testifying. Maya and Matt meet for dinner with Democratic organizers and Matt causes a scene. Nina said she knew about the women. They had a contract marriage. Abe and Harper discover a pattern of such marriages in the Stanhopes' division. Tiffany, one of the organizers, tells Maya that Matt can't run because of his psychological disorder. Alex is thinking about dropping her case so she and Abe don't have to sneak around anymore. Adam tells Glenn he wants to get better so he can take medical separation from the Marines. Sgt. Kalb, who arranged the marriages, said he knows who killed Stanhope -- Kimber Spratt, a pharmacist. Maya tells Matt his campaign is over. Spratt said Stanhope was going to marry her after he divorced Nina. Spratt said she didn't have access to that dose of oxy. Abe tells Alex wants her to drop the suit. An arrested drug dealer selling those pills identifies Nina. Tiffany wants Maya to run instead. Nina accepts a plea deal for 25 years. Trey's wife is having twins. Abe is arrested for mutiny and sedition because of Alex's suit. 

The Code
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The Code Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Rami: You're not at my desk, ma'am.
Harper: I'm ducking my phone.

Abe: Mr. Ahmadi. Welcome home.
Rami: All it took was complete and utter capitulation.
Abe: Welcome to the Marine Corps.