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Bev returns from Arizona. She says she intends to give away a large sum of money and she’s removing Darlene’s power of attorney. She wants to give money to Mark for Camp of the Future, a coding camp at Northwestern University because he’s been writing to her while she’s been in Arizona and no one else in the family has.


Darlene asks Bev to give money to both Mark and to Harris for tattoo school. Harris has a real talent for tattoo design and could start her own business eventually. Bev says she’ll only give money to one of the kids. Darlene says Harris really needs a break. Bev says she’ll consider it. 


Bev tells Mark that Darlene wants the money to go to Harris instead of him.  He’s furious. Mark tells Darlene that she’s always worried about Harris but never about him. 


When Darlene confronts Bev, she says she wanted to get back at Darlene for giving Jackie the Lunch Box  and she doesn’t seem to care that she hurt Mark in the process. 


Bev pays for Mark’s coding camp. Darlene considers stealing $5,000 from Bev’s account while her power of attorney is still in place. Jackie says go for it. Becky thinks she should wipe the accounts out but Harris tells her not to. She doesn’t want Darlene to get into trouble and she plans to be Nana’s new favorite grandchild so that when she leaves everything to her in her will, Harris can roll her wheelchair into Lake Michigan. 


Dan admits that he misses Louise. Becky encourages him to go meet Louise on her tour. He goes to surprise her after one of there shows and finds Louise kissing another man. 

The Conners
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The Conners Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

Jackie: What are you doing here?
Bev: I had to see the drain my money went down.

Okay, Grandma Bev’s flight landed two hours ago. We can’t just wish this away, someone’s got to go get her.