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The Deep End pilot introduced viewers to a bunch of lawyers, as well as every cliche in the book. But does it have potential to be a hit? Yes. We'll review it character-by-characters:

Dylan: The naive, hopeful first-year law associate. He gets assigned a pro bono case that involves a woman seeking custody of her son after her husband died, she fell into depression and her mother-in-law took action to take her grandchild away permanently. Even though Dylan's boss wanted him to drop the case because the grandmother was an important person that sits on the board of many of the firm's client, Dylan pursued what he felt was right: ensuring the boy ends up with his mom.

Dylan wins the case and also the girl: by the end of the hour, he's in bed with a secretary from the firm. He gives the classic "maybe this place isn't so bad after all!" speech.

Beth: From a rich family. She seems the most confident of the first-years, until she runs into a case that involves transferring power at a company. The old CEO in charge appears to have Alzeimer's, a fact Beth feels the need to bring to the attention of those involved. But her father - also a lawyer, who considers Beth to be weak - talks her out of it. Beth goes against her conscience in the end... and also sleeps with fellow associate Liam, something she seems to do when she's feeling down.

Liam: A major ladies man. He takes pride in being honest, and... well, that's all we know about him so far. Has a relaxed attitude about work and about life.

Addy: A very hard worker. She finally earns points with Susan, one of the firm's clients, after standing up to her and expounding on her virtues. As a result, she gets assigned a major case. Seems to have a self-confidence and passivity issue, but is friendly and hopeful and smart.

Malcom: We only meet him for a second, as he's a first-year hired by Hart, just to prove to Cliff that things are about to change.

Susan: A partner and the wife of Cliff. Suspects he's cheating on her. Strict, but not as ruthless as her husband.

Rowdy: The recruiting director at the firm, he's lost sight of how to help the first-year associates he finds. He admits this to Dylan, as Rowdy says he's fallen in love with the rich lifestyle, but wants to change and wants to mentor Dylan.

Hart: Returning to his own firm three years after he took a leave to care for his ailing wife. Wants the firm to focus more on pro bono and meaningful cases and clashes with Cliff over these ideals.

Cliff: Powerful and wants to be in charge. Thinks Hart is too soft and is already considering a power play to take him out. Is referred to as "The Prince of Darkness. Denies Susan's infidelity accusations, but the episode ends with him carrying flowers and ringing the doorbell of... someone.

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Sometimes I think I married myself one grade A bitch.


Leave, before I set you on fire.


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