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We still don't know nearly enough about these characters, but got more of a look into Malcom's life this week. He had a 11-year old brother he looks after because their parents died.

But when he gets busy at court, he asks Addy to pick Eric up for him. She obliges, and learns Eric has been suspended for bringing a weapon to school. This weapon is a mini knife he won for having the most merit badges with the Boy Scouts. After Addy hands the principal her card and tries to help, Malcom gets upset.

He sort of tells her off for interfering, which she takes exception to. But then Malcom fails to convince the principal to drop the suspension and turns to Addy for help. She brings up the fact that the Boy Scout meetings are held at the school, which means they are sanctioned by the school and the suspension makes no sense. This legal argument works and Malcom invites Addy over for dinner to celebrate. Decent build-up between these two characters.

Professionally, Addy and Beth helped a lingerie company CEO avoid a sexual harassment charge. But the guy is clearly a jerk, so Susan teams up with them - after being given the case by Cliff, in an attempt to win her over - and convinces the guy to settle. Otherwise, they make it clear they will pursue a sexual discrimination case against him because no woman ever advances far in the company.

Susan is now also entertaining a job offer from another firm.

Meanwhile, Dylan has an INS case to solve. A woman's new husband was killed in battle before the pair could consummate their marriage. But she's pregnant with his child, which she gives birth to. The details aren't vital, but Dylan eventually works it out so the woman and baby can stay in America. This storyline was simply meant to show us, yet again, that Dylan is a good, idealistic guy.

Finally, Liam received help from Rowdy is trying to court Beth. After he fails with the generic flowers and chocolate, he writes a poem - set to music Rowdy plays in the hallway - and reads it to Beth. It's winning, romantic stuff. The episode ends with Beth closing the door in her office and clearly being moved by Liam's effort.

The Deep End
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