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Cliff told Susan about his affair with Katie this week, after she threatened to expose it herself. Susan's somewhat calm reaction? To transfer Katie to Montana and to tell Cliff to find somewhere else to stay for awhile.

In case news: Addy accidentally took on a medical maijuana store as a new client. Turns out, the owners were under investigation by the DEA and sent their supply to the firm. The DA then arrived, found the bag and Hart claimed it was his in order to save the firm too much trouble. It all seemed like a stretch of a storyline, a forced plot that tried too hard to be unique and to paint Hart as a good guy.

In the end, Addy and Malcom worked together to prove that the pot actually belonged to a series of customers that had prepaid for it.

Also, Beth was second chair on a malpractice case that pitted her against her father. Again, this seemed like a forced storyline that illustrated just how strained their relationship was. It didn't get any better when Beth's digging led her to find out that her sad had destroyed evidence. His firm, therefore, ended up settling the case. This made Beth look good in the eyes of Cliff, but it made her dad look terrible in her eyes.

Finally, there was Liam's admission to Addy that his first kiss took place when he was 18 and he's spent the rest of his life trying to top it. Addy found this to be romantic and said she wanted to help with his "quest." As a result, she spread word around the office and it was on: every female that saw Liam planted one on his lips. None seemed to do the job, however, until the very end: Beth slowly, passionately, pecked her occasional lover. He acted cool until she left, but then sat down and uttered two words as the episode ended: Oh, wow.

The Deep End
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The Deep End Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

I wouldn't waste my time sucking... I would, however, waste a little time getting a new shirt. You're wearing a dish rag.


Dylan: I was just standing here. Didn't hear anything.
Susan: How gallant of you.