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Rose tells the kids she's taking them off the island in the morning. Verity is still upset about Andy killing someone.

Andy thinks he's with Nikki but Tomas and Marcus are performing the exorcism. Andy knows something is going on but Nikki keeps him distracted.

Bennett and Mouse are driving to Seattle. Bennett is wounded still.

Mouse is having a flashback. She was a nun in training and Marcus was trying to convince her to leave the nunnery before her initiation. He tells her that he's different because he didn't choose this life. It chose him. 

Marcus tells Tomas about Mouse.

Verity throws a book away that Andy and Nikki gave her about the Brooklyn Bridge with an inscription that says she can do the impossible too.

Bennett is in the hospital. Mouse has a flashback to a time where she tried to exorcise a demon by herself. It was in the basement of the nunnery. It taunts her about Marcus. Mouse made a mistake and steps into the circle. The demon attacks.

Marcus talks to Rose about bringing in one of the children to help them fight the demon. Verity overhears and says she'll do it.

Tomas is alone and sees evil Nikki over Andy. He drops the glass and it shatters, closes his eyes and when he reopens Nikki is gone, but Andy has a shard of glass in his hand.

Marcus is walking when the guy from the boat shows up and offers him a ride. Marcus has a flashback to taking care of Mouse after she was attacked. She is possessed and Marcus is working to save her.

Peter gives Marcus a ride home. He tells Marcus after he's done with Andy they need to get together and he should retire. Marcus thanks him and kisses him then goes back into the house.

Verity arrives with Rose and she goes to talk to Andy. The demon throws out some serious daggers, but Verity remains strong. Andy has the shard and fights the demon from hurting Verity. Prime opportunity for Marcus and Tomas to fight the demon. Verity leaves. She got done what they needed to get done.

Mouse has another flashback. Another priest had to complete her exorcism because Marcus couldn't get the job done. His first failure.

Rose is getting tickets for the ferry and when she returns Verity is gone. She went back to the house to get the book she threw away. Rose finds her and offers to drive her to the house.

Andy's demon taunts Marcus about Mouse. Tomas insists that Marcus get rest since he hasn't slept in two days.

Tomas is working on Andy while Marcus sleeps. While Tomas is reading from the Bible on the other side of the bed, demon Andy is using the glass shard to but through the rope binding his hand.

Marcus comes back and thanks Tomas for letting him rest and for keeping him from giving in to the demon earlier. They continue the exorcism. 

At the ferry station, the lights start to flicker and then turn off.

Verity and Rose arrive at the farmer's house but Russ and Elene are not there. Verity goes up to get the book and when she leaves there's a sound of a bird or something coming out of the room she just left. Caleb's bird is in there. A door slams. Something freaky is happening.

Meanwhile back at Andy's house  he's escaped from his bindings. Tomas is in a dream state because Marcus is still sleeping. Tomas is in a trance.

Verity finds Russ and his wife dead at the table. Rose walks in acting strange. Behind her is demon Andy.







The Exorcist
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The Exorcist Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Marcus: I'd kill for a decent cup of coffee. This is just pig swill.
Tomas: And caffeine so drink up.

How long before he fails you like the one that came before? Oh, you didn't tell him about your little church mouse.