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Marcus is trying to wake up Tomas. He locks Tomas in a closet. In Tomas' mind, he is still in the room with Marcus and Andy. Tomas imagines himself in a church. he's been promoted. He knows something is wrong but he's having a hard time fighting it.

There are assassins going after Marcus but Mouse takes care of them. She's in Seattle.

Marcus is at the farmhouse and imagines what happened Andy with Verity and Rose based on what happened in the house and what he finds.

Rose tries to kill Andy but he tricks her and knocks her out.

Andy takes the kids home. Shelby is concerned that something is not right.

Tomas is still in his dream state as head the church as a cardinal. Casey is there.

Andy takes the kids to the witch's house. Shelby takes on Andy to protect Harper and Caleb but Andy beats him up. Harper goes missing while Caleb is left in the car. Andy gets hold of Caleb and takes him into the house.

Marcus continues his search.

The kids are tied up inside the house including Verity and Rose. Andy brings in Shelby.

Tomas is still in his dream state talking with Casey.

Andy is harassing the kids. He takes Rose to the well and she goes down. He returns to the house to harass the kids some more. Verity breaks free and runs. Andy chases after her.

Casey the demon is trying to manipulate Tomas.

Marcus finds the kids and releases them. Andy still chasing Verity. Rose is still alive and the kids are trying to get her out of the well.

Tomas is fighting the demon. The kids are pulling Rose out of the well. She gets out.

Andy catches up to Verity and starts smothering her. Marcs fights with Andy. Andy takes the form of the demon. Marcus has Verity run away while he works on the demon.

Andy is choking Marcus. Tomas is still fighting Casey and finally wakes up but Casey is there in his waking world as well. He's fighting with the demon. Tomas wins and the demon loses his hold but he's still tricking Tomas. Tomas really wasn't awake yet, but Mouse finds him and wakes him up for real.




The Exorcist
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The Exorcist Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Tell me, Tomas. Do you feel special now?


How long before you destroy everything you touch?

Casey [to Tomas]