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The Flash is saving the city via hologram, gaming style. Cisco is in control, Barry is on the treadmill, and Iris is their communication port.

Harry wants to blow up a particle accelerator. The trio thinks that's a terrible idea. Harry wants to use Harrison's data to do it all because their subterfuge will not work and won't save Snow.

Barry needs to get his speed back in order to conquer Zoom. End of story.

Barry drives up to the mountains to see Henry. Henry wonders why a speedster needs a car. When does a speedster need a car? When a speedster isn't a speedster.

What is Henry's mom's maiden name? Garrick.

When Cisco vibes after being angry at Harry for calling him Ramon, he sees his brother.

Henry comes back. Maybe for good. He figures he spent enough time away from his son. So, he'll probably die.

Wally checks in with Joe. Wally is still thinking about his life.

Zoom says the city is his. Anybody who disobeys him will meet their end. Caitlin gets him to steer clear of the Wests.

Harry is freaking out. Zoom is going to kill everyone. Joe wants to believe Caitlin can keep Hunter from killing everyone. Hunter wants her to unlock the Killer Frost within.

Cisco thought his kidnapping experience with his brother would bring them closer. Nope.

Jesse and Wally are left in the braille room. No bathroom!

Henry and Joe start to get into it over Barry undergoing the explosion. Harry gets involved. Barry says it's not up to any of them. It's his alone.

Cisco's brother is a dick. Once a dick, always a dick.

Rupture has a pretty cool electrical scythe.

Iris weighs in Barry doing the particle thing. She tells Barry she can't help but wonder is they were meant to be together. But she doesn't really express how she feels. She says she says she's open to seeing if they have a future together because she wasn't available before, but she is now.

Zoom let Caitlin keep her cell phone?

Rupture and Zoom meet. Dark voices unite. I would be far too excited to speak so freakin' slow.

Barry says he can't undergo the explosion until he knows 100% that nobody but him can be harmed. Which is impossible, so it can never happen. Which we know isn't true, so something will change.

Cisco's brother finds out he went to another earth and can vibe. What? He's like a metahuman? He's not laughing now. Dante! That's his name.

The Flash, Cisco and the cops get Rupture, angering Hunter. He sees Caitlin betrayed him and he zooms on over to what's left of Jitters. Noooo!

Zoom finally killed people, proving he's quite the menace. But because he loves, he didn't hurt anyone that would anger Caitlin. 

Another Earth-2 doppelganger? Gone.

The Flash was outed as a hologram. There is no hope. 

Jesse and Wally decide to try to figure out how to get out of the braille room.

Since The Flash isn't around, metahumans will start coming out of the woodwork to join Zoom. I'm not sure what Zoom offers, or if he has to offer anything to join him, but Barry decides to set off the particle accelerator.

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The Flash Season 2 Episode 20 Quotes

Is that why you change your voice, so everyone will be afraid of you?


Well, I'm sure there's something out there that will satisfy your need for speed and helping people, but until then, you should stick with engineering. It's safer.