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Team Flash is back at it again. But this time they must find a way to prevent DeVoe's satellites from taking off. Time is running out, and the team is getting desperate.

Caitlin comes up with the idea that Amunet could be the answer they have been looking for. 

She agrees to help them stop DeVoe, but only if the team helps her get her metal shards from her storage unit. A deal is made, and the team rush to her storage unit only to find the shards have been taken.

Luckily for the Team and Amunet, the venom residue left behind leads them to the thief -- Norvok.

Upon arrival to Norvok's whereabouts, Barry Allen and team fight for Amunet's missing shards, but Norvok won't give them up easily.

After the mini battle is quickly ended with Amunet's shards being  returned to her, Amunet almost walks away without following through with her side of things. That is, until Caitlin steps in and explains that DeVoe's satellites will reach everyone and everything. 

Amunet realizes hiding won't help her, so she crafts a small ball from her metal shards and hands it over to the team. They have one shot and one chance to take out the satellites or DeVoe will win. 







The Flash
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The Flash Season 4 Episode 21 Quotes

Amunet: Besides, you know what they say. A zebra never changes it's stripes.
Joe: Flash
Amunet: Oh Flash, you really do stop all the crime in the city don't you.

Cisco: Look at this man.
Other Harry: I see him.
Cisco: Is he not one of your own? Are you telling me you're going to betray one of your own because he doesn't meet some arbitrary intellectual standard?