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A businessman gets killed when something or someone messes with the elevator. The next morning Barry is catching up on things that he missed.

Iris gets surprised when Barry tells her that he has already finished all the wedding tasks. He joins Joe and Captain Singh to investigate the murdered victim.

Cisco joins them too to investigate this weird murder. He figures out that someone hacked it.

At Star Labs, Cisco is showing off the new specs of Barry's suit. Barry tells Iris that he wants to go out for dinner with her as he has canceled training.

Iris gets annoyed and Caitlin recommends that maybe they should go to couples therapy. Gypsy shows up from Earth-19 as she and Cisco have a date.

But Cisco has to push the date back a little due to work. Gypsy isn't thrilled about it. Elsewhere, the mysterious metahuman, named Ramsey Deacon goes after another victim.

Barry suits up and goes after the metahuman. He saves the driver, but Iris warns him that he put the driver on a bad road.

Flash manages to save the driver just in time. The team figures out that it was the same metahuman from this morning.

Iris takes Barry to the side to suggest that they go to couples therapy like Caitlin suggested. Barry gets worried that they are in trouble, but Iris assures that it will only help them.

They go to their appointment to work things out. Back at Star Labs, Gypsy is annoyed that Cisco is making her wait.

Beacon sneaks into CCPD and sends in a drone to attack the driver. Joe alerts Barry to speed there and save them.

The team figures who Deacon is while Barry and Iris go back to the therapist. Cisco and Caitlin try to figure out the cryptic codes.

Cisco tells Gypsy he has to cancel the date which makes her quite angry. At the therapist, Barry and Iris begin to talk out their issues.

Iris opens up how hurt she was when he left them back in May. Joe and Wally are on a stakeout to look out for the other victims.

The attacker goes after the victims as he feels betrayed by them. Kid Flash manages to save one of them while the other got kidnapped.

Gypsy comes back to explain why today was so important while accidentally helping Cisco solve the case. Iris and Barry have another heart-to-heart how difficult it was for her when he was gone.

The driver is making a confession on television that Deacon got screwed over by his colleagues. Kid Flash and Flash race over to save the driver from Deacon.

But Beacon manages to use Barry's new suit against him as he can hack technology. Barry manages to speed away, but struggles to get out of the suit.

Iris commands Barry to throw a lightning bolt at himself. He manages to disable all the tech in his suit and stops Beacon.

Cisco makes it up to Gypsy while Barry and Joe interrogate Beacon. He reveals that he didn't get his powers in Central City.

Elsewhere, The Thinker is notified about Deacon's defeat. He tells The Mechanic that now they must find the others.

The Flash
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The Flash Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Sharon: These notes are just for me. No one is judging you guys!
Iris: Yes, we know. [laughs]
Barry: Well my dad died too! Just for your notes...
Sharon: So Barry...Iris filled me in a little bit about the two of you on the phone before! Getting married?
Iris: Yeah, it's been a long road getting here!
Barry: Mhm!
Iris: First us growing up together and then I was engaged to someone else.
Sharon: Oh, OK!
Barry: That's worth a write down? He is actually dead too! [chuckles]
Sharon: Oh, you two have had to deal with a lot of trauma!
Iris: Well...
Barry: No, not uhm...
Iris: Eddie...and Ronnie
Barry: I mean a little...
Iris: My mom. H.R.
Barry: Not too much.
Iris: Laurel.
Barry: Some.
Iris: Snart.
Barry: We've been to a few funerals.
Iris: Yeah.

Barry: That particle accelerator explosion four years ago, you were living in Silicon Valley. So if you weren't here that night, how did you get your powers?
Kilgore: Oh wow! You are not going to believe it, it really was something though! A real life-changer! And do you two wanna know the best part? I wasn't the only one.
So, good luck gentlemen! Think Central City is about to have its hands full.