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Barry continues training Ralph when dealing with a robber that goes hilariously wrong. Elsewhere the Mechanic is questioning DeVoe for letting Team Flash know about his existence.

At Star Labs, Harry struggles with locating DeVoe. Iris and Barry take Ralph to the couples therapist to help him remember what happened on the bus five weeks ago.

Elsewhere, a metahuman kills a museum employee. The next day Barry and Joe go to investigate and Barry spots something odd with a panther-statue.

Back at Star Labs, Harry summons multiple doppelgangers of himself from the Multiverse to help with the DeVoe case. Caitlin does an analysis of the stone sample to find out who the next bus-metahuman is.

Cisco gets Ralph a prototype-suit to assist Barry in finding the meta. Elsewhere, the Black Bison brings to life another inanimate object as Flash and Elongated Man tries to stop her.

They return to Star Labs to look at security footage of what Black Bison can do. Ralph and Barry debate their methods in handling this meta.

Cisco goes to see the Council of Wells as they still haven't figured out where DeVoe is. Barry and Ralph take off to find Black Bison again as she has found her next object.

She gives life to another inanimate object who gets her amulet as Flash and Elongated Man show up. The soldier takes out Flash while Elongated Man stretches to hold on to Bison's car. 

When an electric wire gets loose and puts citizens in victims, a young girl gets hurt as Elongated Man ignored Flash's orders. The girl is taken to the hospital as Ralph starts to see the seriousness of being a superhero.

Cisco goes to check up on Harry after the Council of Wells didn't work out. Harry realizes that he has problems making friends. Harry summons the Council again to try working with them one more time.

Barry goes to see Ralph at his office as he still feels bad for what happened to the girl. He gives Ralph a pep-talk as Barry didn't have it easy either when he first became The Flash.

Black Bison gets locked up at CCPD, but manages to steal the key to her power-cuffs. She gives life to a police-geared manikin that gets her out of the cell.

The team goes after Black Bison at the Central City Museum as she is stealing a rare necklace. She brings to life a T-Rex skeleton that begins to attack the heroes.

Flash tricks Black Bison and cuffs her. Later that day, Ralph goes to see how the girl is doing and keeps her company.

At Star Labs, the Council has found out where DeVoe is in Central City. DeVoe and Mechanic overhear it through their secret camera and gets one step ahead of them.

Barry and Joe knocks on the door as the Mechanic and DeVoe disguise themselves as a normal couple.

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The Flash Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Cisco: It's like your junk has been burnt into my brain.
Harry: You're welcome.

Ralph: So I see you didn't go to Harvard.
Sharon: No, did you?
Ralph: I see what you did there.
Barry: If you can fix his personality too, that would be great.