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Barry and Nora haven't been able to contact Nora for two weeks. They are interrupted by an alarm set off at the Central City Art Museum. Flash arrives on the scene ready to save the day, but XStries to take lead and become the hero, blowing up the whole mission when she almost kills an elderly couple nearby, and the thief is able to get away. 

Barry takes Nora back to Star Labs where he and Iris have a conversation with heir daughter about the dangers of not following the rules. Nora reciprocates emotionally, explaining that her mother has suppressed her for her entire life, and she deserves to be the hero she was meant to be. 

The rest of Team Flash is gathered in the lab discussing a way to figure out Cicada's location and where she was after the Enlightenment hit. Caitlin mentions that she's hit a dead end regarding her dad, coming up with no further clues. Cisco wants to Vibe and help her, but Caitlin is cautious because of his wounded powers. Cisco, however, refuses to take no for an answer, and get a flash of Caitlin's father in a classroom working on some kind of algebraic formula. They decide to follow the lead. 

The next scene opens on an engaged couple talking about their excitement for their upcoming wedding. The groom presents the bride with an expensive necklace and tells her she can start wearing it after they get married. They begin to leave the room, as a strange contortionist meta-human reveals himself from a gift box on the floor. He takes the necklace and before he jumps out the window, is seen by the bride. She screams, and he exclaims "mazeltov" before jumping out the window.

Barry arrives at the crime scene and begins his CSI investigative work, where he finds a hair from the metahumans head. As he's leaving, he catches Iris interviewing the couple and steps back to proudly watch her do her job. After the couple leaves, he asks Iris to team up with him and solve the case together. Iris is hesitant, but Barry insists they work better together and it would be romantic and fun. Iris agrees and the two head back to the lab to put the pieces together.

Nora is at the West house hanging out with Cecile slamming her mother when Cecile insists she starts respecting her parents. Sensing Nora is a slightly spoiled, she then makes a deal that for every chore Nora completes, she will tell her a story about her father that she doesn't already know. 

Team Flash minus the West Allens head to Professor Stiens office, the office Cisco had seen in his vibe. Although vibing seems to be tiring him out, Cisco vibes the chalkboard form his first flashback and is able to remember a formula on the board, one that spells out KHIONE. Sherlock deduces that KHIONE is the goddess of ice, and that must mean that Caitlin's dad knew she was Killer Frost. Vibing again, Cisco sees Caitlin's dad hiding out at an old chemical lab. The team realizes the labs would be a good place to hide if you wanted to disappear, and that they may be connected to Caitlin's mom's company. They decide to follow their next lead. 

We then follow Rag Doll to his next victim, where he slides through an air vent and crumbles an entire building. The Flash is able to save the victim RagDoll was targeting, but Rag Doll once again escapes.

Back at Star Labs Barry is able to piece together enough information about Rag Doll to get a fingerprint, and they label him as the son of millionaire Theresa Murkle. Barry and Iris decide to attend the gala she's throwing in order to question her. 

Cisco, Caitlin, Sherlock, and Ralph find the chem lab from Cisco's vibe totally destroyed, but begin to suspect that he may have caused the chaos himself in order to stay hidden, with the help of Mrs. Snow. Sherlock and Ralph begin to argue about motives, when Cisco tries to Vibe one more time for clues, causing himself to seizure and collapse. 

At the Gala, Barry and Iris search out Mrs. Murkle and ask her about her son. She claims not to have seen him for two years, after having him arrested for breaking into her house and claims to have given him everything. Done with their investigation, Barry asks Iris to dance, but after a few minutes she becomes flustered and excuses herself from the room. 

Outside, Iris confesses her fear about not being enough for Nora and turning into the type of mother her mom was for her. Barry reminds her that who they become in the future is up to them, and that Iris needs to focus more on who she is now, instead of who she's afraid she will become. From atop the mansion, Rag Doll is seen eerily peering at the West-Allens conversation. 

Back and Star Labs, Caitlin tells Cisco that there are remnants of dark matter in his lungs from his fight with Cicada, and every time he uses his powers he is putting himself in danger. Cisco breaks down, afraid that the loss of vibing will cause him to become useless to the team, and Caitlin reminds him that he is so many things besides just Vibe, things that were important to Team Flash before he got his powers. 

Iris and Barry continue to try and figure out Rag Dolls motives, as the crimes are seemingly unrelated. Barry wants to head home, but Iris thinks she may have a lead and tells him she'll meet him there. 

At the West house, Nora is indulging in Cecile's stories about her dad's younger days, when it's revealed that Cecile has actually been talking about Iris, not Barry, the entire time. Cecile then gives Nora a book of Iris' memories and Nora takes it back with her to Star Labs. 

Barry is back at the lost FaceTiming with Iris when Rag Doll appears mysteriously and knocks Barry over the head, kidnapping him. 

Ragdoll takes Barry to the roof and ties him on a chair, explaining how he got his powers during the Enlightenment and the pain and suffering he feels can't be stopped, therefore it's his goal is to steal everyone's most prized possessions. iI is revealed that Iris' most prized possession is Barry, which is why he stole him away. 

Iris shows up with the Elongated Man to save Barry, but Rag Doll pushes him off the roof. As Barry falls to his death, Iris swan dives over the edge. Catching up to Barry, she breaks him free and using his speed, Barry takes them both to safety. On the ground, Nora has been witnessing the entire fiasco, finally impressed over what a hero her mom really is. Ralph swallows Rag Doll hole in order to contain him, and they take him to Iron Heights. 

Back at Star Labs, Nora and Iris bond over Iris' memory book and Nora talks about how impressed she is with her mother. Iris reminds Nora that she will never do anything to stop her from being herself, and the two make big strides in opening up to one another. 

Right before the episode comes to a close, Cisco realizes that Mr. Snow could be hiding at a covert black ops site. He then takes over the four remaining satellites from The Enlightenment in order to track where Snow might be hiding. Having been without a satellite since The Thinker destroyed the one at Star Labs, the team realizes this will help them in all their endeavors, not just trying to find Caitlin's dad. It also restores Ciscos faith in his worthiness with the team. 

The Flash
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The Flash Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Sherlock: Took me about 18 hours since I'm only kind of excellent at algebra.
Cisco: You know this is calculus, right?
Ralph: Calcula, Algebra, none of this is going to help find Caitlins dad!

Iris: Someone stole a Monet.
Barry: At 10 A.M? That's bold!