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When you watch The Flash Season 1 Episode 23 online, you'll find out what happens when Barry decides to take Eobard Thawne up on his offer to go back in time to try to save his mother. It's ultimately surprising and rewarding and tragically heartbreaking all at the same time. Watch The Flash online right now!

Episode Details

Dr. Martin Stein is back on The Flash Season 1 Episode 23. Elsewhere, Wells presents Barry with a life-changing choice on this season finale.

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0 (298 Votes)
The Flash
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The Flash Season 1 Episode 23 Quotes

Barry: I want to kill you right now!
Harrison: I used to know that rage. I used to feel that rage every time I looked upon you and now I know what Joe and Henry feel when they look on you with pride. With love.

Barry: Why did you kill my mother?
Eobard: Because I hate you. Not you now, you years from now.