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In a flashback from two years, Thunderbird and Pulse are waiting behind a fence. They're waiting for the others to give them a signal before proceeding.

They hear gunshots as Eclipse runs toward his group and telling them to get down. Pulse offers to take on the shooters himself by shutting down the power of their equipment.

He tries to catch up with the others but gets shot in the leg. Back in the present, Polaris is being prepped for a transfer by the Sentinel Services.

Polaris is surprised when she sees that Reed is part of the transfer. Reed tries to ask her for help and that he is working with Eclipse.

At the underground, Thunderbird is telling the mutants that they have to try to break Polaris and Reed out. Some of the members are game, while some of them aren't.

Andy and Lauren are reluctant as they think it's dangerous. Caitlin explains to them that sometimes you got to take risks.

The mutants begin to orchestrate a plan in how to get into the facility. Caitlin suggests that instead of trying to break into the facility that they try to save Polaris and Reed during the transfer.

Thunderbird asks Dreamer if she talked with Clarice about what she did. Dreamer hasn't and he threatens to tell Clarice himself if she doesn't.

Elsewhere, Eclipse goes to see an old friend, Francisco, who isn't too thrilled to see him. He lets Eclipse into the club and sees another familiar face, Carmen.

Carmen tells him that she is in charge of business now. He asks for help in finding out when the transfer is going to happen. 

But Carmen is reluctant because Eclipse is asking for help in saving the woman that he left Carmen for. She agrees to help him though, but with some tough terms.

Eclipse calls Thunderbird to let him know what's up. But Carmen steals his phone as she wants to know why they didn't work out.

Their conversation is cut short as Carmen makes it very clear that she wants him back. 

Clarice is having romantic dreams about Thunderbird and wakes up. The next morning, Thunderbird gives everyone instructions on their plan.

Caitlin is a bit hesitant about their plan. Lauren goes to talk with Andy about how they can help the mutants with their plan.

Lauren suggests that they use their powers together. Back at the Sentinel Services, Reed tries again to get through to Polaris.

Reed explains that he understands his error to the mutant community since he learned about his kids. But Polaris doesn't forgive easily as she explains that it's not that easy to clear his conscience.

Caitlin tells her kids that she doesn't want them involved in the rescue operation. But Lauren reminds her mom about what she said last night regarding risks.

While reluctant, Caitlin agrees to it as long as Thunderbird guarantees their safety. Back at the club, Carmen asks Eclipse for a favor.

Carmen needs Eclipse to get information out of a stealer. Eclipse agrees to do it as he has no other choice.

The stealer refuses to give up his information before Eclipse threatens to use his powers on him. Eclipse manages to get the stealer to talk and Carmen is satisfied.

Eclipse returns to the other mutants and Thunderbird asks what happened. But Eclipse doesn't want to talk about it.

Clarice has another dream about Thunderbird and wakes up. The next morning Jace has Reed and Polaris transferred.

Thunderbird and Clarice have a heart-to-heart while preparing for the mission. She asks him if the memory she had of them actually happened.

Andy and Lauren are on the lookout for the truck. Lauren realizes that it's Sunday and that she was supposed to do normal-life things today.

Eclipse warns some of the members that if things go south, he is staying. Andy spots the truck as he and Lauren get in position.

The siblings struggle to use their powers for some reason. Lauren pushes him to get angry and manages to use their powers together.

The bus is stopped but at the wrong place. The Sentinel Services agents go outside to check what's going on. Reed begs Polaris one more time to reconsider and help him.

Polaris nods as they wait for the right opportunity. Jace realizes that mutants are causing their delay.

One of the mutants uses his powers to cloak himself. Clarice tries to open a portal to get to the bus, but something is wrong.

Thunderbird is also sensing that something is blocking their powers. The invisible mutant gets revealed and gets spotted before he is shot.

It's none other than Thunderbird's former ally Pulse that is causing the power block. He works for the Sentinel Services now.

Without his powers, Eclipse must use a weapon to take the agents down. The Struckers notices that their car has been spotted.

Lauren tries to use her powers but they're blocked by Pulse. Caitlin injects the agent with a drug as he passes out.

Caitlin gives the keys to the kids as she is going to look for Reed. They obey their mother and get into the car.

Jace orders the task force to move the prisoners. Polaris and Reed use this as a chance to try and escape.

Thunderbird goes after Pulse to stop him. But Pulse doesn't seem to remember who Thunderbird is before he gets knocked out.

Polaris senses her powers coming back to her, but nothing in the bus is made of metal. Thunderbird spots a weird tattoo on Pulse's wrist.

Reed tells Polaris to use his screws in his leg to get them out of the bus. Polaris goes through with it and gets them out of his leg before using it to kill the soldier.

Eclipse uses his powers too to cause an explosion. Clarice finally begins to open up a portal for the other mutants.

Thunderbird and Eclipse go to help Polaris and Reed. The agents fall back as the Struckers get the others into the car.

Jace is furious and officially declares war on all the underground mutants.

The Gifted
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The Gifted Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Congratulations...on figuring out you're one of the bad guys. So what? If you would have thought about it a little longer, you wouldn't have destroyed so many lives? Huh?! You want forgiveness? Ask the little boy, who I strapped into a bus, while he screamed begging to join his mommy in prison where you sent her? You know what, ask the hundreds of families whose lives you and your friends ruined? Don't ask me!


Clarice: I just have to ask. The night that we first met, did we go outside together or something?
Thunderbird: No, we did not.
Clarice: Right, that's what I thought. You know, I'd remember if we went outside and came back in.