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A senator named Montez is holding a rally for human rights versus mutant rights. This happened two months ago as Esme, under the code name Stacy, found out that the Sentinel Services had arrived.

In the present, the Strucker parents and the mutants are arguing what to do next after Andy, Lauren, and the others got taken. Polaris thinks it is too late to save them as they have probably been converted like Pulse.

At the Sentinel Services, Andy and Lauren have been locked up. Lauren comforts Andy by saying that he did the right choice by not using their powers together. Dreamer is being interrogated by Jace.

Jace recalls her taking some of his memories of his dead daughter. Dreamer apologizes and says it was an accident which pisses Jace off. He tells Dreamer about the Hound program. Jace goes to the room where Clarice is being interrogated.

Jace gives a call to Roderick and tells him the interrogations are not paying off. Over the call, Roderick's face has some serious scars. Back at the station, Caitlin and Andy try to find a way to save their children.

Esme looks into Reed's mind and sees his past with the Sentinel Services. She goes to them and says that they may need Jace's help.

At Trask Industries, Dreamer wonders what has happened to Andy and Lauren. She begins to tell her backstory as she begins to lose hope, but Clarice gives her a pep talk.

Caitlin and Reed are considering sneaking away. Andy and Lauren are taken to Roderick who is very excited to get to meet them as he wants to see if they are anything like the previous Fenris.

They are thrown into a testing room with spiked walls as they first refuse to go through with the test. But Roderick begins to shock Lauren while Andy tells him to take his best shot.

Esme tells Polaris and Eclipse that the Struckers took off to talk to Jace. At Jace's house, he is conversing with his wife. The Struckers invade their house with a gun as Reed tells Jace that they need to talk.

Thunderbird is informed about the Struckers escaping. The Struckers try to get through to Jace, to get to the father in the agent. Eclipse and Polaris argue what to do with the taken mutants.

Andy and Lauren are still trapped in the testing room as Roderick tries again to get them to comply. Failing to listen to his order, Roderick shoots Dreamer.

Lauren is stunned before she walks to Andy and holds his hand as their powers connect. Roderick likes what he is seeing and is not worried about them breaking out.

But their powers continue to grow stronger as they almost blow up a wall. Roderick has the collars put on again.

Reed continues to beg to Jace to save his kids, but the Sentinel Services agent refuses to hear him out. Caitlin tries one last time, explaining to Jace's wife what is done to the mutants as they are turned into soldiers.

Caitlin and Reed take off as Jace wants to go after them, but his wife stops him and asks if what Caitlin said is true. She asks him what he is doing in the name of their daughter.

Clarice breaks down over Dreamer's death while Lauren feels guilty for getting Dreamer killed. Andy tries to comfort her, but Lauren feels hopeless.

Roderick gets a breakdown of the Strucker kids as well as the original Fenris. Jace arrives with the Sentinel Services and sees the damage that was caused. He informs Roderick that the deal is off as he is taken the mutants back. 

Jace finds out that Dreamer died in an "accident" as he can tell that something is off. Thunderbird finds out that the Sentinel Services at Trask Industries as Reed and Caitlin are surprised that Jace went through with it.

The mutants head over to Trask Industries to try and save their friends. Reed and Caitlin discover that Esme lied to everyone. Eclipse gets shocked by Esme as she makes one of the agents turn off the collars.

But she also has the agent killing his fellow agents before shooting himself in the head. Esme goes to two of the mutants that are revealed to be her twin sisters. The triplets begin to use their powers to execute the other agents.

The mutants escape the bus as the triplets tell them that it is time to go.

The Gifted
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