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A flashback from four years ago in Phoenix, AZ showing Thunderbird raising help for people who got injured during July 15. A citizen confronts him as he thinks mutants don't deserve help as they were the ones to cause trouble on July 15, to begin with.

Thunderbird fights back but one of his friends calms him down. He then spots a gang of mutant-haters coming toward them with a grenade.

Back in the present, Eclipse tells Thunderbird that he is hearing rumors that there are mutants working for the Sentinel Services. Lauren befriends a fellow mutant Wes, who is able to cause illusions.

Thunderbird goes to Clarice to ask for help in getting them to a location where they can find out what's going on with Pulse. Clarice confronts him about what Dreamer did to her and he tries to apologize to her.

She doesn't accept his apology as she decides to leave the network. Thunderbird goes to the other mutants and begins to conduct a plan to get into a courthouse. 

Andy offers to help now that Clarice isn't with the team anymore. Reed is reluctant about it, but Andy insists.

Caitlin asks Reed if he is sure he wants to let Andy do this. Reed explains that this might be the only way to re-connect with his son.

Before they leave, Reed promises Caitlin that they'll talk about what he almost did for Jace when they are back. At the Sentinel Services, Jace is back and ready to hunt the mutants again, but his colleagues notice that he is off edge.

Jace gives Roderick Campbell a call. Elsewhere on the road, Reed tries to have a heart-to-heart with Andy about everything that has happened in the last few weeks.

But the truck is suddenly stopped as cops have pulled them over. The cop demands to look through the truck. Eclipse uses his powers to hid them in the dark.

The cop isn't able to see them and lets them go. At the courthouse, Thunderbird is putting up blocks of concrete as Dreamer goes to talk to him about Clarice.

He begins to get overwhelmed and wonders if the X-Men made a mistake on July 15. Dreamer tries to talk sense to him.

Reed and Andy continue their heart-to-heart as they're staying in the woods until tomorrow. He asks Andy if it hurts whenever he uses his powers, but Andy hasn't felt any pain so far.

Andy admits that he feels good when he gets to use his powers to fight back which gets Reed alarmed. At the underground station, Shatter finds Caitlin trying to find school books for the refugee kids.

Polaris is busy training a few of the younger mutants to master their powers. But she gets annoyed when Wes appears to not be taking this seriously.

Caitlin gets in the way when it's Lauren's turn to practice against Polaris. She isn't comfortable with Lauren learning to master her powers through Polaris' violent ways.

Eclipse asks Reed about his conversation with Andy earlier and tries to give Reed some advice. He also asks Reed for fatherly advice as he is about to have a child with Polaris.

Roderick goes to Jace to tell him that he is reinstated but still wants to access the Strucker case. Jace allows him all the access he needs as they officially begin their partnership.

Eclipse calls Polaris and tells her that they have to find a different way to get into the courthouse. Caitlin goes to talk with Polaris and suggests to take a different approach on how to train the mutants.

Lauren opens up to Wes about what their family has been going through in the last few weeks. She talks about her hopes and dreams despite being a mutant.

Eclipse, Andy, and Reed try to get into the courthouse from the underground. Andy begins to try and break through a wall. Andy tries to join Eclipse, but Reed tells him to stick to the plan as the two men sneak in.

The alarm has already gone off as they don't have much time to get the files. Reed spot Sentinel Services are already there.

Thunderbird warns the underground mutants that they need to find more space for incoming refugees. Dreamer checks in on with him to see how he is holding up.

He is still upset with her that Dreamer used her powers on Clarice. Dreamer said it was their only way and begins to kiss him.

Thunderbird gets a call from Eclipse says they are being followed by the Sentinel Services. He tries to find a way for the truck to shake them off. Lauren suggests that they get Wes to help them as she wants to help too. 

Polaris, Lauren, and Wes get to the road to help them out. But they spot that the Sentinel Services have blocked the road. She tells Eclipse to keep driving 

Polaris tells Lauren and Wes to use their powers together to get the truck away from the Sentinel Services. As they begin to fire at the truck, the three mutants use their powers together to get the truck away while confusing the Sentinel Services.

Back at the Sentinel Services, Jace is briefing his colleagues as Roderick joins the room. At the underground station, Reed chats with Andy about what went down before and tells him how he has always been proud of Andy.

Later that night, Eclipse gets a call from Carmen who has decided to collect in her favor. If he doesn't comply, she will call the Sentinel Services.

The Gifted
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The Gifted Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Thunderbird: I was wrong, I should have saved him. I'm starting to think the X-Men maybe made a mistake choosing me to be part of the underground
Dreamer: Johnny, you can't think that way! I know you want to live to who your father was, but you are doing all you can.

Dreamer: You were chosen for a reason. The X-Men said a war is coming!
Thunderbird: They didn't say we'd win.