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A young woman by the name Clarice Fong is being chased by police officers. She manages to escape by opening up a portal as Clarice is a mutant. Elsewhere a group of mutants is trying to find her and get her to safety.

The leader John Proudstar/Thunderbird senses that she was chased and the group manages to break into her secret hideout. Clarice tries to fight back but is assured quickly that they are her allies. 

The place gets surrounded by cops but Lorna Dane a.k.a. Polaris begins to fight back. Thunderbird and Marcos Diaz/Eclipse find a way out while Lorna deals with the cops. 

An officer manages to shoot Marcos in the leg and Lorna goes after the cop. She is tasered by the group and gets taken by the officers.

Elsewhere two parents Reed and Caitlin Strucker have been summoned to the principal's office. They are worried that their son Andy is being bullied and Reed threatens to sue the school.

At the Strucker house, Lauren is Skyping with her boyfriend about what to wear. The conversation is cut short because of dinner time. Elsewhere Lorna is interrogated by Reed whose job involves the Sentinel Services. 

Reed tries to take a gentler approach with Lorna and walks into her cell. But Lorna isn't interested in his help and begins to torture him with her powers.

Lauren and Andy head to the dance at their school where things get complicated. Some of Andy's bullies spot him and starts harassing him in the boy's locker room.

Things get intense when Andy starts to shake the room and it's revealed that he is also a mutant.The students begin to evacuate while Lauren goes to find Andy and reveals that she is a mutant too.

Clarice gets settled in with the new mutants while Eclipse and Thunderbird argue about how to save Lorna. The group of mutants discovers what happened at the high school

Caitlin finds out that her kids are mutants. Lauren explains to her mom that she has been a mutant for quite some time now. She is afraid that her father's job is going to mean that they will be sent to jail.

Jace Turner from the Sentinel Services arrives at their doorstep as he is there to take the kids in. They force themselves in and Andy tries to scare them off.  Lauren uses her powers to buy themselves some time to get away. 

Reed finds our from Caitlin what happened and learns that his children are mutants. They all meet up a diner and tries to figure out what to do now.

Eventually Reed decides that they have no choice but to leave their lives behind. Jace reports to his superiors that the Struckers got away while one of Reed's colleagues overhears the conversation.

She gets contacted by Reed who asks her to get him the case files about the underground network of mutants. Lauren attempts to comfort Andy about being a mutant and helps him understanding his abilities.

At the mutant headquarters Clarice thanks Eclipse for saving her and learns more about their community. The X-Men have been missing for years and so have the Brotherhood.

Eclipse asks Clarice if maybe she can help save Lorna. Clarice explains that she can only teleport to places that she can see. Reed contacts Eclipse and explains that he needs their help.

Reed offers to get Lorna out of custody if he agrees to help his family. The next morning they have to run again as a Sentinel drone found them.

Eclipse and Reed meet up at a diner to work out a deal. Reed tells him where Lorna is being kept as Eclipse agrees to protect his family. But Reed has to stay behind with Eclipse as he needs his help to save Lorna.

Clarice tells Thunderbird that Marcos went to see some mystery family. Thunderbird gets annoyed and they begin to look for him.

Reed brings his family to Marcos to get them to safety. But it's quickly revealed that they were followed and they get surrounded by the Sentinel Services.

Thunderbird and Clarice show up and rescues them. The service unleashes Sentinel robots that quickly catches up. One of them catches Thunderbird but gets destroyed.

As they get surrounded by a ton of the drones; Andy uses his powers to destroy all of them. Clarice opens a portal and everyone gets into the other side.

But Reed gets shot as he gets left behind when Clarice can't keep the portal open anymore. 

The Gifted
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The Gifted Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Stop right there. Let me be clear -- Andy needs help and if he doesn't get it, I will sue this school into oblivion.


The X-Men? The Brotherhood? We don't even know if they exist anymore! We're alone and we are getting picked off one-by-one.