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In a flashback from a year ago, the Struckers are out bowling and living their ordinary lives. Lauren however cheats and tips the last pin with her powers.

Lauren spots a family with a mutant daughter's powers beginning to go crazy. Reed calms down the angry parent.

Back in the present Caitlin and the kids are freaking out about where Reed is. Jace and his task force begin to search for the others until he sees Reed being taken away by an emergency team.

Polaris is taken to her new cell at a facility for mutants. She can't use her powers because of the collar around her neck which amuses the other inmates.

The group back at the underground network are arguing what to do before Lauren alerts that Clarice's condition is getting worse. Clarice's body starts to go into shock.

Clarice begins to open up another portal and the back of a truck accidentally crashes in. Luckily no one is hurt but they all realize that they have to help Clarice fast.

She begins to open up a portal again to the same road where the truck came in from. Lauren uses her powers to shut down the portal.

Jace interrogates Reed about his actions against the Sentinel Services. Reed demands a lawyer but Jace threatens that things will go bad for him once this goes public.

Caitlin and Eclipse are on the road in order to get Clarice medical help. They begin to argue.

Back at the prison some of the inmates are antagonizing Polaris. She spots a mutant that looks at her oddly before continuing to walk.

During a shower, everyone starts watching Polaris closely as the water reveals her natural hair color. 

Clarice begins to go into shock again and she accidentally opens another portal. Officers try to shoot Lauren when she begins to shut the portal again.

Caitlin and Eclipse arrive at a hospital in an attempt to steal the medical equipment they need. They use Eclipse's wound as a way to get what they need.

Back at the secret lair, Thunderbird is preparing an evacuation plan in case Clarice opens up another portal.

Jace continues to interrogate Reed and reveals that he lost his daughter during the July 15 event. She was killed by a mutant hence Jace's hatred toward them.

Polaris tries to befriend the mutant in an attempt to get out of the facility. But the mutant is not interested in helping her out.

Caitlin steals a pair of hospital scrubs and sneaks further into the hospital. She begins to steal several medicine bottles and tries to get out. 

Eclipse and Caitlin begin to hurry to get out but are spotted by cops. They manage to escape.

Polaris is confronted by one of the inmates when she enters the courtyard. She wants Polaris to understand the system as the mutants work for the inmate.

She manages to use her powers temporarily and throw a table at the inmate. Polaris is eventually taken back to her cell.

Clarice's fever gets worse as Thunderbird warns everyone to get ready to evacuate. A portal is opened once again and Lauren begins to shut it.

But she struggles to shut it down and Andy begins to use his powers on the officers. Clarice falls off the table which causes the portal to shut down while opening several small breaches everywhere.

Jace reveals to Reed that they brought his mother in for interrogation. He demands Reed to tell him where the others are.

A mutant guard warns Eclipse when they get back that the building being evacuated. Caitlin heads into the building to help Clarice before it gets even worse.

Caitlin gets to Clarice and injects her with one of the medicine bottles. It works as Clarice goes back to normal.

Clarice wakes up later and realizes that she caused all the destruction in the lair. Thunderbird asks her why she kept opening up a portal to the same road but she doesn't know why.

Caitlin tries to comfort the kids as she is sure they will find Reed sooner or later. 

Jace goes to see if Reed is ready to cooperate. But Reed turns the situation around and makes a deal with Jace.

The last scene ends with Roderick Campbell looking into mutant siblings that were related to an incident in May 1962.

The Gifted
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The Gifted Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

No! I'm not leaving my daughter here to close...space holes!


I have been a prosecutor for twenty years. I know my rights and my children's rights. It's not illegal to be a mutant.

Reed [to Jace]