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In a flashback in London 1952, the story about two mutant siblings Andrea and Andreas Von Strucker are the headlines everywhere. The two siblings get attacked by agents as they use their powers on them.

Back in the present, Reed tells his family about how the Sentinel Services are turning mutants into weapons and that they're working with Trask Industries. Eclipse tries to get Polaris to forgive him, but she is furious with him working with Carmen.

Reed asks Thunderbird for help in getting him to his father Otto as he might be able to help. Later on, Thunderbird and his group help new mutants get settled in the underground station. But one of the mutants is a Hound who is a speedster.

Thunderbird and Reed take off to see Reed's father even though Caitlin is hesitant in letting him go. While helping some of the new mutants, Caitlin speaks with Esme, the telepath that knew about the spying Hound.

Polaris tries to get answers out of the speedsters and uses some more violent methods until Eclipse stops her. Reed and Strucker enter Otto's house who is quite shocked to see his son.

Eclipse and Polaris hash out their feelings about the Carmen thing. Reed asks Otto about his past with Trask Industries. But Otto refuses to give up classified information as he claims it doesn't exist anymore.

Reed explains that Trask Industries is still around and manages to get his dad to give up some answers. Otto starts asking Reed about the powers of the kids as it alarms him quite a lot.

Roderick has been informed about the Hound speedster and is planning on getting her out of there. Back at the underground, Caitlin helps the mutants drugging the speedster so she can't run anymore for a while.

Otto tells Reed about Andrea and Andreas Von Strucker and how powerful they were together. This explains why Reed's children got the mutant gene as he learns that Otto is a mutant too.

He tells Reed more about the project he worked on for Trask Industries and how Reed was experimented upon as a child. Lauren and Andy try to calm down some pissed off mutants for almost getting the speedster out.

The speedster's name is Chloe as Caitlin tries to get answers out of her about the Sentinel Services. But she isn't able to answer for some reason as Caitlin goes to get Esme to communicate with her telepathically.

Reed confronts Otto about conducting the experiment on him when there was no chance to tell whether he would get the mutant gene or not. Thunderbird storms in and tell them that they have to leave.

Roderick has arrived and is looking for them as Otto agrees to use himself as bait to buy Reed and Thunderbird some time. Otto goes to Roderick to see what he wants and tries to lie that he hasn't had contact with his son for a long time.

Roderick doesn't believe him as Otto decides to use his powers to attack Roderick and his squad. Reed and Thunderbird run downstairs to find Otto dead while Thunderbird finds Pulse as he passes away.

Esme tries to use her telepathic powers to communicate with Chloe and find out what the Sentinel Services did to her. Esme learns through Chloe about Trask Industries before Chloe passes away.

Clarice goes to Dreamer to ask for a favor to take away some painful memories from a young new mutant. Elsewhere Reed mourns the death of his father while Thunderbird mourns Pulses's death.

Polaris goes to make up with Eclipse as Chloe's death brought them back together. Reed comes back to his family with tears in his eyes as Caitlin comforts him, realizing that Otto is dead.

The Gifted
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