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On The Goldbergs Season 2 Episode 7 Beverly is ready to prepare the annual Thanksgiving dinner and wants Erica to take part in the tradition of cooking the meal. Unfortunately Erica does not want to take part in it this year and instead wants to go over to her friends house and celebrate with their family; Beverly is upset but is determined to keep her at the house. Beverly challenges Erica to a competition, if she can make it through jazzercise class without complaining or breaking a sweat, than she can go be with her friend. Erica takes the bet and wins which makes Beverly challenge her again to another competition: power walking. 

Erica and Beverly power walk the morning of Thanksgiving and again Erica wins but Beverly hurts herself and is unable to make Thanksgiving dinner. Barry gets word of this and decides that he will make the dinner but fails miserably. When Erica is getting ready to leave, it is revealed that Beverly was actually faking her injuries in hopes that Erica would stick around. Erica goes out to her car and gets ready to leave until Pop's gives her some advice: the reason that Beverly wants to keep the tradition alive is because nana had died when Bev was 17 and this is the one memory that she is clinging onto. Erica goes back in the house and helps Beverly put together a delicious Thanksgiving meal.

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