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On The Goldbergs Season 2 Episode 8 Adam shows off his love of George Michael by singing and dancing in front of his video camera. Unfortunately, the cabinet that was behind him collapses and Adam breaks his arm -- which may have been broken by the cabinet or his mom diving in after him. At school the next day Adam tries to come up with a cool way to tell his friends how he broke his arm because he doesn't want to reveal his embarrassing video to his best friend Emmy -- so he tells everyone that it was a hoverboard accident. He even swears to Emmy, on their friendship, that it is true and Emmy backs him up. Of course it comes out that Adam never hurt himself on a hoverboard and he reveals to his friends the video of him singing/dancing and the cabinet falling which caused him to break his arm. Adam begs Emmy for forgiveness and tells her that they are family and that they fight like family, but will always make up. 

Meanwhile, Beverly complains about how ungrateful everyone is and Murray suggests that they all go to this new Chinese food restaurant the next night so that she doesn't have to cook. When they get to the restaurant the family -- minus Beverly -- all fall in the love with the food and want to go there every single night. This causes Beverly to take action and she attempts to cook Chinese food at the house, but fails miserably! Beverly finally tells her family that the reason that she feels threatened is because cooking for her family is what she contributes and that when that is taken away she has nothing left. The family understands, but Beverly relents and agrees to have dinner every Friday at the Chinese restaurant. 

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Do you know how many meals I have cooked for you people? 53,000!