On The Goldbergs Season 2 Episode 7, Beverly is getting ready to put together the traditional Thanksgiving meal and wants Erica's help; but Erica has plans to go spend the holiday with her friend.

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When you watch The Goldbergs Season 2 Episode 7 online, you will join a traditional family Thanksgiving filled with laughs, fighting and tender moments! Beverly wants to keep the tradition of cooking Thanksgiving dinner with Erica alive but Erica does not want to take part in it this year. Beverly challenges her to competition, if Erica can handle jazzercise class then she can go be with her friends instead. Erica wins the competition and Beverly does not take the loss sitting down. On the morning of Thanksgiving she challenges Erica to another competition: power walking. They decide to power walk down the street and back again; Erica again wins but Beverly injuries herself putting Thanksgiving dinner in jeopardy. Barry catches wind of this and decides that he will be the one to cook the dinner this year with Beverly's help from the sidelines; he fails miserably! When Beverly pleads with Erica to help out, it is revealed that Bev was faking her injuries and was trying to guilt Erica into staying and cooking for the family. Erica begins to leave and gets in her car but Pop's has a talk with Erica and lets her know that the reason Beverly still wants to keep the tradition alive is because Nana passed away when Bev was 17 and this is her way of keeping her memory alive. Erica decides to stick around and help her mom out with dinner.

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On the Goldbergs Season 2 Episode 7, Thanksgiving is in full swing and Beverly wants Erica's help -- only problem is, she does not want to take part in it.

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