On The Goldbergs Season 2 Episode 6 Beverly takes it upon herself to get Adam out of the game dodge ball. Meanwhile, Erica and Barry get a new board game called Trivial Pursuit and their competitive nature comes out.

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When you watch The Goldbergs Season 2 Episode 6 online you will see the lengths that Beverly goes to get her child out of something he does not want to do. When Adam comes home with some minor injuries from the game dodge ball, she asks him how much pain he is in. Adam tries to play it off that he is fine and that he does not want his mother to do anything but Beverly would not be the ultimate smother if she actually listened to her kid. She goes straight to the school and talks with Adam's PE coach. The coach does not listen to Beverly and instead singles out Adam and has the whole class throw dodge balls at him. This makes Beverly angry and she goes down to the school and gets the coach fired. Murray tries to be the good guy and helps out the coach by giving him a job at the furniture store; unfortunately that backfires on him and the coach is a little too much to handle at work. Thankfully he goes over to Adam's house and apologizes for singling Adam out and lets him know that the reason that he is so hard on him is because he wants Adam to succeed, the coach also apologizes to Beverly. Meanwhile, Erica brings home a new board game, Trivial Pursuit, and plays against Barry and beats him. This causes Barry to get angry and then make up his own game called Barrynopoly but Erica beats him at his own game as well. When Barry explains to Erica that people expect him to fail and that it is just not fair that Erica is the smart/popular one, Erica takes it upon herself to play a game with Barry and let him win.

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On The Goldbergs Season 2 Episode 6, Beverly takes it upon herself to get Adam out of dodge ball by getting his coach fired. Meanwhile, Erica and Barry become competitive over a new board game.

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