On the Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 9, Claire must face her behavior when a patient she knows personally comes into the ER and Shaun's relationship struggles continue.

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The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 9 revolves around questions of intimacy.

Shaun and Morgan treat a young woman who has tumors on her bladder and her sex organs that could cause her to have a life-threatening seizure if she has sex. Removing the tumors would mean removing most of her sex organs, which means she could have children by C-section but could no longer have sex.

The patient doesn't want the surgery, which Morgan thinks is stupid. Andrews insists sex is vital to a relationship, and the patient's husband agrees, but Morgan thinks sex is overrated and makes people act stupid.

Meanwhile, Claire has a one night stand with some guy who comes into the hospital the next morning after having been in a major car accident -- and she must deal with his wife and young daughter. Claire is convinced she's not the one who is a cheater while she treats the patient and offers support to his wife, who is aware he cheated on her.

FInally, Shaun wants to have sex with Carly but continues to struggle with allowing himself to be intimate with her, while Melendez wonders if Lim is having second thoughts about breaking up with him.

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On The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 9, a young patient must decide on a treatment that could save her life or possibly destroy her marriage.

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The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Morgan: The pain medication we gave her could have caused her bladder to distend, but what caused the first attack?
Shaun: Sexual intercourse. The first tumor is in her clitoris.
Morgan: Having sex could kill this woman.

Debbie: Is there something I can help you with?
Shaun: The florist said pink roses are for devotion and purple lilies are for passion, but I feel both passion and devotion for Carly so I don't know which to give her.
Debbie: Why not give her both?
Shaun: I'll wait for Dr. Glassman to get out of the shower.