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Alicia realizes that the company may have taken a Spoiler app that Kristen made as a side project and sold it to the government. She contacts Cary’s NSA contact which puts her back on the NSA’s radar. When Alicia threatens to announce the company is selling the Spoiler app to the NSA, they back down and tell Alicia to refile the suit as gender discrimination and they will settle. 

Alicia decides to look into Jason’s background and talk to the judge he punched. The judge calls him a sociopath and tells Alicia to run and keep him out of her life but Lucca doesn’t find anyone to back up the judge’s claims. 

Ruth has lunch with Eli. Peter’s poll numbers are rising. She thinks they should aim for the Presidency instead of the Vice Presidency. Eli tells Alicia. 

Ruth wants to move up Peter’s announcement. She wants everyone to relate Peter to President Obama. Eli was going to have Frank Landau introduce Alicia but Ruth wants him to introduce Peter instead. 

Eli goes to the bond court judge he gave the heads up to about the sting operation and wants him to repay the favor. He wants proof that Frank Landau is fixing elections. 

The judge comes through with someone who will come forward about Frank Landau being behind the hack of the election machines but he also implicates Peter. Supposedly Peter was concerned that Alicia wouldn’t win on her own so he pushed to have the election rigged, then hung her out to dry when the truth came out. 

The announcement has to be moved indoors but he’s still wearing the same type of overcoat and scarf that President Obama wore during his announcement. Eli ponders what to do with his new information on Peter.

Monica Timmons interviews at Lockart, Agos, and Lee to be a summer intern. When she says she’s from Maryland, they all assume she’s from a tough part of Baltimore because she’s black. Diane is the only one who wants to hire her. Instead they hire three white males who went to Harvard and Stanford. Turns out that Monica recorded her interviews with everyone at the firm. 


The Good Wife
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The Good Wife Season 7 Episode 6 Quotes

Eli: I need a quote from you for Peter's bio.
Alicia: Do you need it to be true?
Eli: True adjacent.

The most powerful men are the ones no one knows exist.