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Eli hires Elsbeth Tascioni to protect Peter from the FBI’s investigation. When Peter refuses to admit why the FBI may be investigating him, he turns on Eli, telling him that whatever he’s done so has Eli. Eli gets angry and tells him he never rigged an election for Alicia. 

The FBI speaks to Eli’s assistant Nora. They asked if Judge Sherbasky ever visited the office. Elsbeth talks to Marisa about how much she knows about the vote rigging. Then in the middle of the conversation Elsbeth jumps up and says she can’t be Peter’s attorney and leaves. She refers them to her ex-husband, Michael Tascioni who shows up with his little dog of whom he and Elsbeth share custody. 

Michael figures out that Elsbeth is protecting her client, Lloyd Garber who is one of Peter’s big donors. 

The American Bar Association plans to do an article about Lockhart, Agos, & Lee but when the photographer starts taking photos of the women in the firm, David worries that Diane plans to make the firm all female and asks Jason to investigate. Cary also becomes paranoid and asks Lucca if she knows anything. She doesn’t. Jason finds no evidence that Diana is trying to change the firm but Cary and David are still paranoid. 

Alicia acts as a civilian advisory on a secret military panel. They are asked to find if there is legal justification to kill Massoud Tahan, an ISIS recruiter in Syria. Alicia agrees that the US has the right to kill him. Then the head of the panel reveals that Tahan used to be known as Lance Hopper and he’s an American. Alicia withdraws her support of the air strike until she knows more about Lance Hopper. The panel takes off for the night.

Alicia heads back to the office. It’s late and the office is empty. Jason is there. Alicia can’t get the cork out of a bottle and says she was about to break it to have a drink and asks if she has a problem. Jason takes the bottle away and asks Alicia to just breathe, then he kisses her. The two end up having sex on her office sofa. 

The next day, Capt. Hicks, a member of the panel isn’t there. He has been taken off the panel because they think he’s leaked information to another department. When they prove he hasn’t, they begin to question Alicia. Turns out the NSA is using Alicia’s phone to record her all the time and they may be the leak. One of the NSA techs is called in for questioning.

Jason wants to know where he and Alicia stand. Alicia says that Peter is find with her having an affair. Jason says he may say he’s fine but he’s not. Then Alicia tells Jason that she wants him again and that he kept her from drinking last night. She claims she may start drinking again tonight if he doesn’t come over. He agrees to see her. 

The Good Wife
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The Good Wife Season 7 Episode 15 Quotes

David: You kinda got a cowboy thing going on, don't ya.
Jason: Not intentionally.

Cary: What are you doing for lunch today?
Lucca: Eating.

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